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My Twitter Follower Philosophy…what is yours?

I have a great friend (in real life) who is an internet guru. So, about 7 months ago she called and mentioned to me that the people I follow here are “all over the map”: horoscope folks, quoting people, housewives.

I agreed. “Why? She asked, do you follow all of those people back?” I told her I do because I learn from them all. Well, she said, I wouldn’t. I only follow a select few, and those are the people I can learn from and are “quality”.

Pondering her words for a while, I had to reflect on real life. If I only associated with marketers my whole life..I would have been a total bore. More important is that my life (up to now) would have lost its luster. I wouldn’t have met some of my wonderful artist friends, my speaker friend, the friend who nursed my Mom for years. My client from Marshalls became a lifelong buddy, though she’s a housewife…I always learn great life lessons from her (Patti Mae).

In fact, I would have missed out on having this diverse, maybe weird group of amazing friends who have been there for me, and taught me all kinds of things.

So, “yes” I do follow back all the authentic people who follow me. There are lots of them. Some become quite special to me, like @DiannaHuff (Dianna Huff) (who said she’s been reading my Creative Corner column for years), @wilsonellis (Wilson Ellis) who always remembers what i’m doing, and asks me about it, @theBeanCast who has an online radio show an a great little grean brand, @relevance who always points out when I say something good, and remains silent when I don’t. @kansasauthor gives me a morning chuckle on the state of the world, and @AlFerretti (Al Ferretti) who always says “thank you” for whatever I yak about at the moment. @skeeterhansen (Skeeter Hansen) is always sending out great new ideas, that I actually use.

Narrow my focus? Look for prospects? Nah…I’ll keep doing what I’m doing on Twitter, making friends. My advertising agency will do fine and thrive. It always does.

Well, that’s my Twitter philosophy. Maybe I’m not focused on business, or have great clarity of goals…but I’ve always been rich and blessed with many wonderful friends…like you!

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