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TwitterWatchDog Features Tammy Redmon

twitter watchdog presents Tammy Redmon

UPDATE: A recording of the call with Tammy Redmon is now available. Click the gray arrow below to listen in.

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Sunday July 12, 2009 is featuring Tammy Redmon on the TwitterWatchDog Secrets, Tips and Tools Conference Call.

Tammy is a Certified Executive, Business and Leadership Team Coach, Speaker, Business Growth Strategist, Encourager passionate about exposing the power of possibility in individuals, organizations, and communities.

is also the author of The CoachesCoachBlog, an action focused speaker and the creator of the Exquisite Self-Care Toolkit for the professional woman and so much more.

Come follow us. Discover how Tammy Redmon and the Twitter WatchDog team can help you and your business be successful on Twitter.

WHEN: recorded on Sunday July 12, 2009

Right here, simply click on the play button..

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3 keys and more to Twitter Success

-by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

If you could name 3 keys to success on Twitter, what would you say?

als_postHey Tweets, TwitterWatchdog here with some exciting news from my boss Al Ferretti, he’s got some stuff put together on a conference call that you’ve just got to listen to, while you’re doing that I’m going to round up the hens from the chicken coop and join in on the fun. Go ahead and click the Gray Play Button below Now! Without further a due here’s Al..

Thanks buddy, for that great introduction, and you’re right, we do have alot of great information to pass on to our listeners, so here it goes…

Many people on Twitter would first guess that Twitter success is based on the number of followers you have.

Sure, having more followers is helpful, but only if you are engaging, building relationships, and providing value. (Listen to the mp3 audio to find out why) Here are 4 simple yet powerful twitter tools for you to take advantage of.

1. Twellow (Find people in your niche and more)
2. Hashtags ( Hot Topics, Trends and more)
3. Tweetlater(Maximize your productivity on Twitter)
4. Retweetist (Find out the hottest retweets and more)

Two Bonuses included in the audio below:
**Discover what you must know about your username and passcode on Twitter.
**Success Stories from others shared.

Just Chillin!

Just Chillin!

(To get the most for your time, we have modified the original conference call recording)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

10 Easy Steps with training videos, live calls and a complete support system to help you succeed faster with Twitter.

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Direct Messages Explained

-by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Understanding Twitter direct messages ( d ) and how to get the most use of them.

Use Twitter the right way with a step by step Training and Support System

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Using the right photo or avatar on Twitter

-by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Using the right photo or avatar can make all the difference. When building relationships and connecting on Twitter, people want to see who you are.

Are you a beginner or advanced on Twitter?
Learn Twitter techniques that gets faster results.
Learn More

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16 Cool Twitter Tools for Firefox

-by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

16 Cool Twitter Tools for Firefox

A lot of people love both Twitter and Firefox. With both having so many plug-ins available it only seems natural that there would be quite a few tools to merge both Twitter and Firefox together. If you’re the type of person that likes flexibility, take a peek at these tools, theres sure to be something that appeals to you.

(As with all Firefox tool lists, we recommend that you don’t install all of these unless you want your browser to move at the speed of a turtle.)

1. DashBlog – DashBlog lets you easily tweet about items you find on the web such as videos, text, quotes, images and more. Also works with Tumblr (Tumblr reviews), WordPress (WordPress reviews) and Blogger (blogger reviews).

2. Friendbar – See your incoming tweets right in the toolbar as well as post updates of your own. Also works with Facebook (Facebook reviews) friends.

3. StockTwits – A Firefox add-on that works with the StockTwits site. It will turn any StockTwits tagged tweets on the site into a link back to the StockTwits site so you can follow the conversation.

4. Twitter Line – Displays incoming tweets from your friends timeline in a toolbar, and allows you to post updates to your own account.

5. Twitter StatusBar – A discrete tool that collapses into your status bar when not in use. Just click on the “T” symbol to bring it up and send out your latest update.

6. Twitter Toolbar – A toolbar that allows you to post updates any time you want as you browse. Also includes pre-written messages for common sayings on the service.

7. TwitBin (Twitbin reviews) – Opens up a Twitter client in your sidebar so you can send and read tweets no matter where you are on the Web without changing tabs or windows.

8. TwitKit – A sidebar Twitter client that breaks down into tabs for @replies, account stats, public timeline, sending tweets, your friends’ latest tweets and a list of all your followers.

9. TwitterBar – Type your tweets in the address bar and press the icon at the end to send them. Also allows you to easily tweet about the page you are currently looking at by leaving it in the address bar when you type out your message.

10. TwitterFox (Twitterfox reviews) – A Twitter client for Firefox that will allow you to see your friend updates, add your own, retweet, delete read tweets from your stream and more.

11. Tw-autocomplete – Allows for autocomplete of Twitter usernames for @ and D messages as you are typing them on the Twitter site.

12. TweetStalk – Adds a “Stalk” button next to the “Follow” button on Twitter so you can follow someone without them knowing it. Can also create an RSS feed of their tweets so you can read them in your favorite reader.

13. TwitThat – A bookmarklet that lets you tweet about the current Web page you are reading.

14. Twitter Search – The name says it all for this handy tool that gives you access to the real-time Twitter search.

15. TwittyTunes – Works with FoxyTunes (FoxyTunes reviews) to submit the songs you listen to that you wish to share with the Twitter community. If you choose not to use it with FoxyTunes, you can also post about sites and videos you are viewing.

16. Twitzer – Allows you to tweet messages longer than 140 characters by adding a link to the overflow text, you can also de-Twitzer text and have it displayed directly on the Twitter site.

BONUS: “Power Twitter” is a Cool Twitter Tool for Firefox was shared and recommended by RanchoVibe “The goal of Power Twitter is simple: make twitter better”.

Use Twitter the right way with a step by step Training and Support System

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Twellow is a great site for locating people in your niche

-by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Twellow is a great site for locating people in your niche. Also use Twellow so people can find you on Twitter.

Discover how to use Twitter the right way with a Proven Training and Support System to help you.

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