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Twitter down for hours of ‘planned maintenance’

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s from the Twitter Watchdog Universe,

You may have noticed a little down time this morning if you attempted to access Twitter.
And low and behold, the AP from New York had this to say,

NEW YORK – The micro blogging site Twitter Inc. was out of commission for a couple of hours early Sunday for some of the roughly 100 million users around the world.

Instead of the usual screen that allows people to send a tweet, the home page indicated the site was down for “planned maintenance” but was expected to be back in a few hours.

It was accompanied by a cartoon.

According to a status website run by the San Francisco-based company, Twitter’s hosting provider, NTT America, was to start the maintenance at 2 a.m. EDT Sunday and it was to last about five hours.

Some tweets appeared to start moving again after about 90 minutes but some users were still unable to send messages hours later.

Ok, now that, that is over with, many people are still unable to access their twitter accounts, which I was one until about an hour ago. (I hope your account was ok)

Now we all know that planned maintenance is always good (for any business) but from what I’ve heard this has impacted many companies who use twitter primarily for customer support. If that’s you, then you can see the impact this may have your business.

Now I’m all for using Twitter for business, but it’s always good to have a backup plan, just in-case of situations like this.

What backup plan do you have in place for your business?
We’d love to hear your comments.

Have a wonderful day.

-By Timothy Caron @TimothyCaron

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