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TweetFunnel:The Twitter Tool for Team Tweeting

I just found this amazing Twitter tool that I wanted to share with everyone.  It is called TweetFunnel. At the present time TweetFunnel is in public Beta, which means that anyone can sign up for FREE.

tweet funnel

The concept behind TweetFunnel is that it is designed for anyone who is charged with controlling a brand in a Corporation or for anyone who would like to have more than one person contributing to a Twitter stream or multiple Twitter streams and wants total control.

Here is a quote from the from the website that highlights the main design features:

  • “Does your company use a cumbersome process of emails, cutting and pasting to coordinate tweets from multiple team members?
  • Are you excited about being on the forefront of social media, but a little afraid to relinquish all control of your corporate image?”

Managing Multiple Users for Each of Your Twitter Accounts

TweetFunnel helps you with more consistent and relevant content for your audience by offering three user types: Read the rest of this entry »

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