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Techies, Juniors and Marketing Oh My!

Social Media is often turned over to techies or juniors in the marketing dept.

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It seems like many of our clients have enlisted newbies in the organization to handle social media.

Probably they do this because young people understand the new technology, text messaging, so they’d be a likely pick.

The challenge with this is that these interns and juniors often aren’t aware of the company’s brand and how to get it across to clients and prospects. They are usually not salespeople, either.

Probably the most effective people I meet on Tweeter are people who know how to naturally develop relationships. People who ask questions, and jump in to help people who ask for it.

You build relationships on Twitter the same way you build friendships, by giving information first, by noticing something about someone, “Oh, you’re from Saskatoon?” and finding those things in common that we enjoy in each other.

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