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Twitterology: Define Your Target Market

Twitterology: Define Your Target Market

It is easy on Twitter to get caught up in the ego of the numbers. An old school sales perspective says to “build your list” so a percentage become customers. I have a different approach. Fourteen months on Twitter as an active user (I average 35 tweets a day), my “following” is well under 10,000, but I have been known to tweet: “It’s not HOW many you follow but WHO you follow”

As a small business owner you have to consider that you put in your funnel (sounds like a sales training class, I know, well in many ways it is!). Is your approach to gather as many people as possible and hope a small percentage filters out to become a paying customer? Or is your approach to get very clear about your brand, who you want to connect with and what you tweet about so you attract potential customers? For me the latter of the two has brought great success. In order to do this:

1-clearly brand your page

2-be selective about who you follow. This means you must know WHO your target market is!

3-tweet about things that align with your brand so you do not confuse them about what you do

4-be willing to engage with potential customers, let them learn to trust you

These steps will start you to a strong powerful following on Twitter!

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