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Is Twitter the New Linkedin? -social times

via Is Twitter the New Linkedin? -social times
by Katie Kindelan

Pulling a page straight from the Charlie Sheen playbook, a prominent ad agency just hired its summer interns based on a search conducted solely through Twitter. First Charlie Sheen and now an established advertising firm, it begs the question: is Twitter #winning as the new LinkedIn? Read the rest of this entry »

LinkedIn and Twitter have Linked Up

– by James Roughton

twitter and linkedin

LinkedIn is implementing something new for those of us who use Twitter. With the new feature you will now be able to tweet your LinkedIn status to your Twitter followers or automatically post your tweets as your LinkedIn status. With the new features you can communicate both ways.

It is easy to add your Twitter account to LinkedIn. All you have to do is go to “Home” and you will see a Twitter symbol below your “Network Updates.” When you link with Twitter, Twitter will ask you to verify your account name and password. And once your account is verified you will be asked how you would like to share your tweets in LinkedIn status. LinkedIn will ask you which Twitter account you would like to share. This is assuming that you have multiple accounts where you will have a drop down menu. You have several options:

  • Yes, share all tweets
  • Share only tweets that contain #in or #li – See explanation below.
  • Or not to share tweets at all

Here is an excerpt from LinkedIn Twitter discussion on Hashtags: “Hashtags (#) are a way to provide additional context for your tweets. Use #in or #li to publish your Twitter updates to your LinkedIn status. Just make “#in” part of your tweet (for example, “Working on a new blog post about design optimization. #in”), and it will be displayed as your LinkedIn status. These can be added to your tweets at any time and will override your sharing settings. If your tweet is personal and you don’t wish to share it with your professional crowd, just exclude #in or #li.”

There is one important thing that you must do to ensure that you can send tweets from Twitter to LinkedIn. You must check your Twitter account to make sure that it set up as public. To do this log into your Twitter account and go to Twitter settings and make sure that the “Protect my tweets” box is not checked.

In a statement from LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone, they conclude that their sites go together like “chocolate and peanut butter.”

This is great new enhancement!

Do you use LinkedIn and/or Twitter for Business?
(please share your insights with us)

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What is Your Social Media Plan?

What Is Your Social Plan of Attack?

When working with businesses on putting together a social media campaign, I often find that the number one issue that they face is simply just being too “confused.”

What I mean by that is, many of these businesses have the intelligence, determination, money, employees and plan of action to bring together a strong social media campaign. However, what they all seem to lack is a solid plan on who actually is going to what, and when they are going to roll out their campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

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