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FUN: a Las Vegas Tweetup #lavolv

(singing) ” a Viva Las Vegas”….


Yes, Las Vegas is one of my very favorite places on planet earth. It’s where I won $1,000 two years ago by getting a royal flush in video poker. Boy did I feel lucky~ They say the odds are 1 in 43,000 to win the royal flush in video poker. You see, anything is possible in Vegas. Wait a sec, I better stop there and while I am ahead because they say what happens in vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

Well I’m not sure with today’s technology of digital cameras, cell phones, social networking, etc if it’s entirely possible for everything to stay in Vegas these days. :-) But I do know one thing, nothing beats actually being there….

So with that being said, you’re invited to be there and come join us for Fun-Social Las Vegas Twitter Tweetup at the Lavo..

Las Vegas Tweetup #Lavolv

WHAT: A Fun and Social Tweetup made all possible by Chris @24k and Bill @VegasBill (Thanks Guys) Yes, and yours truly will be there to. :-)

WHERE: At the Palazzo Hotel (in the #Lavolv Italian Restaurant) located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. 3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV (The Lavo held a Tweetup with Perez Hilton) Here’s the Lavo Website

WHEN: Wednesday March 10, 2010 from 8pm-10pm
RSVP HERE #twtvite

Have questions, ideas, etc Feel free to contact Chris @24k Bill @VegasBill or me@alferretti.

PS I’m expecting some surprise and special guests at this Twitter Tweetup. So come out and join us for a Fun and Social Las Vegas Tweetup at the #Lavolv and feel free to pass this along to your followers. :-)

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