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It’s Only2Degrees here

Never before have we been able to make connections so quickly with people on a local, national and global level, until we joined Twitter. (Thank you Twitter we love you)


One of our great connections on Twitter was made with Lisa @only2degrees and Darcy @darcylj. They are the hosts of only2degrees ( internet radio talk show. All I’ve got to say is that Lisa and Darcy ROCK!

Recently, Skeeter and I were guests on the only 2 degrees show to talk about the benefits of Twitter and our product Tweet Formula (Tweet Formula). The time flew so fast and we had a great time. You can check out the interview with us on only2degrees.

If you enjoy connecting with people on world and personal views. I highly recommend that you send them a tweet, follow both Lisa and Darcy and check out their show. Hey, maybe you can be on their show too?

True Story….right before the show started we were talking about the weather in sunny California, where Lisa and Darcy are located. At that very moment, I checked the weather on my local newspaper website here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And guess what the temperature was?
It was only “2 degrees” outside. “Isn’t it ironic?”

And some people say we are all connected within 6 degrees, in our case it proved to be only 2 degrees. :-)

Thank you Twitter, Lisa and Darcy for making it all possible.


-Al Ferretti

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