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Search, Follow and Much More With Buzzom

Whats the Buzz?

Buzzom’s major features are listed below:

1. People Search and Follow them
-Find people with keywords in their Bio.
-Find people who Tweet about the given keyword
-Find people by location
-Find people by name

2. Cross Follow: Find people who are following some account, or who are followed by some account.

3. Account Management (Follow/Unfollow) (one will get the list and he can chose the people to follow or unfollow)
-Flush — Unfollow who do not follow you
-Grow — Find and follow people who are likely to follow back
-Reciprocate — Follow your followers

4. Follow Lock / Follow Block — Lock relationships using this feature.
There might be few people who one don’t want to follow even though you are not reciprocated, such relationships can be locked.

If you want to block someone and never follow him again using Buzzom, you can block such user. Buzzom will never follow the account (till blocked). Buzzom Block does not block the user at Twitter.

Each feature has been carefully crafted as per the need of the people. Among these features, People Search and Cross Follow is the most valuable and have lots of potential to drive your business.

This short video will explain how to ethically follow and unfollow people on Twitter with Buzzom. Getting more followers on Twitter is great but the quality of followers is more important.

Buzzom will save you time by allowing you to build a targeted following & help reduce the people you have to unfollow.

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My Twitter Follower Philosophy…what is yours?

I have a great friend (in real life) who is an internet guru. So, about 7 months ago she called and mentioned to me that the people I follow here are “all over the map”: horoscope folks, quoting people, housewives.

I agreed. “Why? She asked, do you follow all of those people back?” I told her I do because I learn from them all. Well, she said, I wouldn’t. I only follow a select few, and those are the people I can learn from and are “quality”.

Pondering her words for a while, I had to reflect on real life. If I only associated with marketers my whole life..I would have been a total bore. More important is that my life (up to now) would have lost its luster. I wouldn’t have met some of my wonderful artist friends, my speaker friend, the friend who nursed my Mom for years. My client from Marshalls became a lifelong buddy, though she’s a housewife…I always learn great life lessons from her (Patti Mae).

In fact, I would have missed out on having this diverse, maybe weird group of amazing friends who have been there for me, and taught me all kinds of things.

So, “yes” I do follow back all the authentic people who follow me. There are lots of them. Some become quite special to me, like @DiannaHuff (Dianna Huff) (who said she’s been reading my Creative Corner column for years), @wilsonellis (Wilson Ellis) who always remembers what i’m doing, and asks me about it, @theBeanCast who has an online radio show an a great little grean brand, @relevance who always points out when I say something good, and remains silent when I don’t. @kansasauthor gives me a morning chuckle on the state of the world, and @AlFerretti (Al Ferretti) who always says “thank you” for whatever I yak about at the moment. @skeeterhansen (Skeeter Hansen) is always sending out great new ideas, that I actually use.

Narrow my focus? Look for prospects? Nah…I’ll keep doing what I’m doing on Twitter, making friends. My advertising agency will do fine and thrive. It always does.

Well, that’s my Twitter philosophy. Maybe I’m not focused on business, or have great clarity of goals…but I’ve always been rich and blessed with many wonderful friends…like you!

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14 Insane Twitter Tips For Business

-by Kim Redd

Recently, I have found myself passionately sharing Twitter advice with not only clients, but with friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even strangers. Some think I am iNSaNe over this “twitter thing”. What better reason to write a post!

As a business, you have three main goals when it comes to Social Media: Monitor your brand, build your brand, and increase sales of your brand. Twitter is just one facet of Social Media. Here is what I share with my clients…and strangers…and now you!

14 Insane Twitter Tips For Business: What I Tell My Clients

1. Follow everyone back…yes even the porn stars! Unless someone offends you, spams you, or uses foul language, follow them back. It’s courteous and will win you more followers (i.e. customers/prospects) organically. Do you care about what your customers are saying? Then show it by following them back.

2. Change the avatar to your head shot. Yes, YOU! Choose a picture where you have a big smile. People buy from people they like, not companies. Humanize your business. It’s the only way to succeed on Twitter. IMPORTANT: Once you select your avatar, do not change it. It becomes your personal brand.

3. Put YOUR name in the Profile. It’s okay to keep the Company or Brand name as the name that shows up next to the Avatar. This will help you build your personal brand as well as your company brand. If you are worried about stalkers, don’t use your last name.

4. Engage your followers. Talk to them. Cultivate them. First rule of Social Media is “be interested, not interesting”. Have you reached out directly to any of them yet? This is a huge opportunity to interact with your customers/prospects. Don’t blow it.

5. Find more followers. A following of 28 is not going to increase traffic in your stores or on your website. Run searches to see who is chatting about your brand and your industry. Start following them. Begin following the competition, other marketers, and Twitter superstars. As you interact with each of these segments you will see your following grow naturally.

6. Listen. Have ongoing searches running for your brand, company, industry, and pertinent topics. Stay on the pulse. Nip issues in the bud. Offer advice when questions are asked. Great opportunity to make a good impression.

7. Be Active. Tweet at least once a day but not more than 10/day (unless you are having a conversation: then it’s okay to go over the threshold of 10). You need to commit time each day to actively listen and tweet.

8. Be thankful. Thank those that Retweet (RT) your tweets. Always give RT credit if you RT another tweep. Thank those that recommend you on #FollowFriday.

9. DO NOT USE AUTO DIRECT MESSAGES. Nothing bothers tweeps more than auto DM’s filling up their inbox. It’s okay to auto-follow for complete coverage, but please don’t send impersonal automated messages. You will be unfollowed and/or blocked. That won’t help your brand.

10. DO NOT use DMs for pitching products or special offers! Do I really need to expand on this concept?

11. Tweet conservatively. The internet is permanent. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want posted on a billboard in front of your home and/or office.

12. Compliment others, generously. If you see a great tweet with interesting articles about your industry, marketing, etc give the tweep kudos by retweeting their tweet. This will help build your following and your credibility. Great way to make new Twitter friends and build your brand.

13. Schedule a Tweet Up in your area or attend one. By meeting other tweeps, marketers, prospects you can gain insight, advice, and/or possibly new drinking buddies. Look for local folks to follow. Same applies when you are traveling for business.

14. INSTALL TWEETDECK! If you haven’t already done so download it now. It’s a fantastic way to organize your followers and conversations. Use it in addition to

WARNING: These tips are MY opinions and there are other schools of thought out there.

FEEDBACK: Let me know which tips are your favorites, how many you found helpful, and which ones suck. It’s okay to disagree with me too… just tell my why. Send me an @reply or leave a comment here.

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Twitterology: Define Your Target Market

Twitterology: Define Your Target Market

It is easy on Twitter to get caught up in the ego of the numbers. An old school sales perspective says to “build your list” so a percentage become customers. I have a different approach. Fourteen months on Twitter as an active user (I average 35 tweets a day), my “following” is well under 10,000, but I have been known to tweet: “It’s not HOW many you follow but WHO you follow”

As a small business owner you have to consider that you put in your funnel (sounds like a sales training class, I know, well in many ways it is!). Is your approach to gather as many people as possible and hope a small percentage filters out to become a paying customer? Or is your approach to get very clear about your brand, who you want to connect with and what you tweet about so you attract potential customers? For me the latter of the two has brought great success. In order to do this:

1-clearly brand your page

2-be selective about who you follow. This means you must know WHO your target market is!

3-tweet about things that align with your brand so you do not confuse them about what you do

4-be willing to engage with potential customers, let them learn to trust you

These steps will start you to a strong powerful following on Twitter!

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Mosey Along Now!

Twitter Changes Look of Suspended Accounts Page

I just noticed that Twitter has changed the look of the “Suspended Accounts Page”, did you see it?

Mosey_Along_NowI think it’s pretty neat how they “Cross Out” the Twitter Bird in the graphic, but it kind of gives me the feeling that they are giving the axe to the Twitter Logo. Or maybe it’s just a simple warning?

There is still a dilemma about the “Suspended Accounts” problem (at least in my book), here’s what I mean.

Twitter recognizes suspicious activity from any given user, so in their discretion they suspend the account, until a resolution is met. Which I feel is a good idea, but is it?

When we get the follower notice in our email, that a new follower has been added, and we click on the link to view the new followers page, we then are redirected to the “Mosey Along Now” page.

If the account has been suspended, does Twitter automatically delete that user from our follower list, or do we have to track that user down and remove or block them ourselves?

If not, how can we resolve this problem? There may be an obvious solution, that I am unaware of, and maybe you can help.

I’d love to hear your comments (or advise) on the matter at hand.

Until next time, be on guard with

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Microsoft Excel gone Twitter!

Hmm, Microsoft Excel gone Twitter

I just stumbled upon a really ingenious little website called that was developed by
Alec Berg.

According to Alec Berg,

Twixcel is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that automates your twitter experience, by using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and VBA (Visual Basic Programming)

You can download this little program while it’s still in beta and tinker around with it at your leisure.


This program doesn’t have a lot of features, but from what Alec has mentioned on his website he plans on quite a few revisions in the coming months that will make it more user friendly as well as increasing its flexibility.

So, for those of you who don’t want to spend all your time online, this downloadable program will sure be the cat’s meow. Don’t forget to watch the videos that he has on the website. They are quite informative.

Oh, one more thing, if you’re not familiar with Excel or any other spreadsheet program for that matter I would venture to say, this is not for you. But those who are of the “Geek Elite” this may be right up your alley.

Also, if you would like more info you can always follow Alec Berg on Twitter at @alecberg

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