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Special Guest Kakie

Twitter Watchdog features guest speaker Kakie Fitzsimmons

Twitter Watchdog Features Kakie Fitzsimmons

UPDATE: Due to Technical difficulties (beyond our control) with the service provider, we have rescheduled the conference call with Kakie Fitzsimmons for another time to be determined. We are sorry for the change of schedule and appreciate your understanding.

Kakie Fitzsimmons has a proven entrepreneurial ability to monetize ideas which demonstrates her capability of wearing many hats. As Marketing VP and Co-Founder of Farmer’s Hat Productions (TM), a children’s product company, she has led strategic planning, implementation and national launch of brands and products at The Mall of America in 2007.

Kakie is also author and co-creator of an award winning series of children’s books, Bur Bur and Friends. The characters in the books are a cast of multicultural characters who educate kids about self esteem, sports and outdoor exploration.

Come follow us; discover how Kakie Fitzsimmons and the TwitterWatchDog team can help you and your business be successful on Twitter.

What: Twitter training call with Kakie Fitzsimmons

Where: Blog Talk Radio

When: TBD

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