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How to make your Twitter Brand stand out!

Make your Twitter Brand stand out

Years ago, a man came into my agency on Madison Avenue with a real challenge. He was a small business owner from Meggett, S.C., and wanted us to create a brand for him for an odd product: pecans. He wanted to be like “the big guys”, like Harry and David.

We talked to him for a while, and he told us why his company, Harrell Farms grew the biggest and best pecans ever. He brought pounds of them to our offices, chocolate covered, plain, salted. We got fat eating them. They were great, and we created a story about his farm, his wife, her recipes.

We finally learned the secret to his great nuts…it was the bees that buzzed around them that gave them a unique taste. We spun the story around those bees and how those pecans got so big and fat, and why the honey he sells is really amazing.
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