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Twitterology: A Business Strategy

Twitterology: A Business Strategy

Ann Evanston

I am honored to post for Twitter Watch Dog! I have subscribed to this blog for a while now, and Al is one of my favorite peeps to follow!

Some call me a “Twitterologist” – which I like! I am actually a Social Psychologist that is committed to small business owners building strategy that takes less time to get better results.

Each of you can be a Twitterologist for your business! How:

  • Be strategic first
  • Build a measurable plan
  • Understand the balance of business and engagement
  • Realize you can get results in as little as an hour a day
  • Think about going viral – then it’s even less time to get results!

My goal on watchdog is all about the concept of Twitterology. I want to:

  • To teach you to be a Twitterologist
  • To share strategies you can implement and measure for success.
  • To show tools and effectiveness.
  • To open your mind as a business owner to what Twitter can do for you.
  • To share that social media and social networking are two different things.
  • I love to do video training, and have been doing technology training since 1998, so on occasion I hope to add those too!

    Thanks Al and Skeeter!

    Please do follow me Ann Evanston on Twitter!

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