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How to safely UnFollow people who haven’t tweeted in a while

It’s been said that there’s now well over 50,000 third party tools and apps that integrate with Twitter. Some of which provide different ways to follow and unfollow people.

Today I discovered a third party Twitter service that’s simple to use, is free, and can help you identify the people who haven’t tweeted in a while on Twitter. Read the rest of this entry »

REVIEW: Tweet Traffic Rush

You might have noticed that Twitter is the biggest news on
the internet now. With thousands of new people joining Twitter each day,
it’s emerging as one of the largest and fastest growing social networking sites.

As there are millions of people joining and logging
into Twitter everyday, Twitter turns out a bigger and better
opportunity to get you loads of targeted traffic to your website.

Though you can access millions of people on Twitter, you will
need to work aptly in reaching out to them correctly. Here is
where Tweet Traffic Rush can help you….

Tweet Traffic Rush is a simple and faster way
to get a lot more visitors to your site
through Twitter and this is… Absolutely FREE!

With Tweet Traffic Rush, you will be able to use Twitter to
spread your marketing messages virally and work in creating
a lot more Targeted Traffic to Your Website in virtually no time.

And how it works?

All you do is sign up for a free account. Then you will need to
add your twitter username (no password to give out) in an appropriate category
so as to get a tiny piece of widget code. And once you add this widget
code to your websites, blogs or social networking sites, you’ll
start getting more targeted visitors to your site.

Tweet Traffic Rush doesn’t have much to do with engaging, building relationships
and providing value but if you are tired of and feel difficulty in spreading your marketing
messages across the net, can help get you
generate more visitors to your site on autopilot without breaking the Twitter rules.

Click this Link and Create Your FREE Account NOW!!

Let us know your thoughts on how the FREE Widget works for you and how much traffic you get from it..

Get Your Twitter Stats With TweetStats

How to use Tweet Stats with your Twitter Account

This short video will explain how Tweetstats (tweetstats) works to help you manage your Twitter account.

See who you’re tweeting the most, which words and topics are trending & which applications are most popular. Find out which days are the best to tweet on, know your tweet stats density, daily tweets, hourly tweets, your @replies and who you retweeted the most often. Check the tweet cloud and see where the trends have been and where they are going & more.

Confused on how to use Twitter the right way?
Take advantage of this step by step Twitter System

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10 ways to make use of Twitter

Besides sending a simple Tweet, how would you like to take advantage of other ways to make use of Twitter?

Well, with the availability of (tech like terms) like an “open API” and the power of “third party service integration”, you can find a job, exchange business cards, play games, raise money, social bookmark, start a petition, or share files, music, images, videos and much more. Sky’s the limit on the options all of us have with Twitter.

1. Find a Job

TwitJobSearch Twitter offers an unprecedented chance to find out about new opportunities and connect with potential employers in real-time with Twit Job Search.

2. Exchange Business Cards

TwtBizCard a simple service that lets you set up an electronic business card that can be easily tweeted to your new contacts by sending them an @reply with the hashtag #twtBizCard.

After signing in, twtbizcard will pull in the data from your Twitter profile as the basic information, and all you have to do is type in your additional information as needed for the biz card.

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Most Popular 3rd Party Twitter Client-TweetDeck

Why do so many people love TweetDeck?

Tweet Deck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more. Set up groups and track trending topics. Have tweets in another language not problem with the build in translator function. Want to shorten a long URL and send it in your tweet, you can do that with just a click of a button.

TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date.

It’s no wonder so many people love TweetDeck, watch this short video for a brief overview of the many functions people love. Discover how to follow, unfollow, reply, send direct messages, report spam, search, block, view profile, translate, email tweets and much more with a click of your mouse.

Confused on how to use Twitter the right way?
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Search, Follow and Much More With Buzzom

Whats the Buzz?

Buzzom’s major features are listed below:

1. People Search and Follow them
-Find people with keywords in their Bio.
-Find people who Tweet about the given keyword
-Find people by location
-Find people by name

2. Cross Follow: Find people who are following some account, or who are followed by some account.

3. Account Management (Follow/Unfollow) (one will get the list and he can chose the people to follow or unfollow)
-Flush — Unfollow who do not follow you
-Grow — Find and follow people who are likely to follow back
-Reciprocate — Follow your followers

4. Follow Lock / Follow Block — Lock relationships using this feature.
There might be few people who one don’t want to follow even though you are not reciprocated, such relationships can be locked.

If you want to block someone and never follow him again using Buzzom, you can block such user. Buzzom will never follow the account (till blocked). Buzzom Block does not block the user at Twitter.

Each feature has been carefully crafted as per the need of the people. Among these features, People Search and Cross Follow is the most valuable and have lots of potential to drive your business.

This short video will explain how to ethically follow and unfollow people on Twitter with Buzzom. Getting more followers on Twitter is great but the quality of followers is more important.

Buzzom will save you time by allowing you to build a targeted following & help reduce the people you have to unfollow.

Confused on how to use Twitter the right way?
Take advantage of this step by step Twitter System

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