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COOL! Access to what’s going on at Twitter..

Happy Friday~

It’s Al.

Today I’m going to share some short but sweet info to where you can find out what’s going on at Twitter. So lets jump right in…
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How to use Follow Friday effectively on Twitter

Come rain or shine, every Friday people join together on Twitter to share who they recommend others to Follow. It’s pretty cool and exciting to see all of the people thinking of you and mentioning your name.

While we see people using Follow Friday with good intentions, the problem is that most people do not know how to use it effectively.

So before I share some helpful tips on how to be Successful with #FollowFriday #FF,
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How to safely UnFollow people who haven’t tweeted in a while

It’s been said that there’s now well over 50,000 third party tools and apps that integrate with Twitter. Some of which provide different ways to follow and unfollow people.

Today I discovered a third party Twitter service that’s simple to use, is free, and can help you identify the people who haven’t tweeted in a while on Twitter. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Powerful Benefits of Retweeting

One of the greatest features that makes Twitter so dynamic is the Retweet feature.

Lets begin by showing 2 options on how to retweet in case you are brand new:
1. Manually: “RT @originalpostername A great tip to lose weight fast (link)
2. Push Button: While on you can simply click the retweet button next to the message you want to retweet.

Here’s 3 Powerful Benefits of Retweeting that you can take advantage of right away..

1. A Retweet Provides Value to Your Follower(s)
One of the most important reasons why people follow you is for value. If you can provide value to your followers you will not only make your followers happy, you will most likely attract more followers. Providing quality content is always a great way to provide your followers with value. The first thing that comes to mind is sharing a link to relevant information that is from you or another person.

2. A Retweet Can Benefit Your Personal Brand
Retweeting will help build your personal brand as well as your follower’s loyalty. If you point a follower to an external source that is truly relevant and beneficial to them, the amount of trust that person has in you will increase. The next time you post a link, whether it’s to your website or to an external source, the chances of that person clicking that link are higher than before.

3. A Retweet Can Help You Build Relationships with Others
Retweeting someone else’s content is an act of kindness, and others are likely to do the same for you. This doesn’t mean that you should expect someone to retweet your content just because you retweet theirs. Remember, retweeting is all about providing value to your followers, typically people will not retweet a post of yours unless it’s perceived as informative or helpful.

On a side note:
If you retweet incorrectly (sending Spam), this can actually hurt your personal brand and future traffic. If done right, a retweet can provide value to your followers, build your personal brand, increase future traffic, and build relationships with a lot of people in your niche.

Please share your retweet experiences below-the good, the bad and the ugly

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3 reasons why your competitors are more successful on Twitter than you

The majority of people that I’ve connected with on Twitter have said the #1 social media place that they’ve gained the most business from is……Twitter, hands down. (keep in mind all of them were also on other sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc) So I started asking why..

One of the common replies is… (and I am paraphrasing here) Twitter provides immediate connections with like minded people who embrace collaboration (win/win) opportunities and are seeking to partner up with one another. Sometimes these connections happen through referrals they might get through the initial connection. Sounds a bit like networking right, well it is but on steroids…

You see, the secret to connecting and networking on Twitter is to harness the power of your tweets. All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.

On a side note, have you ever seen someone tweeting they can help you get thousands of followers fast on Twitter?
Or how they can help you fully automate your Twitter stream with push button marketing?
If so, run for the hills….

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What a Tweetup can do for you?


Some Tweeps have asked me questions about what is a Tweetup, how they can start one, the benefits of attending a Tweet up, etc. Today I thought I would share a short but sweet post to answer those questions and provide more insight that can be to your benefit.

A Tweetup is a real world meeting between two or more people who know each other through Twitter.

This is an excellent opportunity to engage, build relationships, and provide value with multiple people at one time in person. Meeting your friends and followers in a group setting will give you the option to share ideas and take your relationships to the next level.
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