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How to Create a Newspaper from Twitter

Have you heard of is a new beta service that I just found.  This site allows you to create and publish a newspaper using all of your links/articles that have been shared in your twitter account for the past 24 hours.  The nice part of this is that the newspaper is updated every 24 hours based on new links/articles tweeted in your account.

The way that I understand the concept as of this writing is that you will see published links/articles from all of your followers and the users that you follow.

You can create your newspaper using the following options:

  • Twitter user
  • Twitter #tag
  • Twitter @list

The cool thing is that will organize your links/articles shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format.  This is a great way to stay on top of all that is shared by the people you follow, even if you are not connected 24/7!

To see my newspaper that I have created using my twitter name, you can check it out on my website.  Click on the Social Network Jungle and then click on Twitter News in the menu.  You will note that I have linked the newspaper to my website via a WordPress plugin.

I hope that you enjoy this quick post outlining  I think that it is a great find and the best thing about it is that the service is FREE.

You can find me at:

Website: Social Network Jungle

Oops! Something is “Technically” wrong…

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s,

Oops! Twitter is down, but wait, it's only something Technically wrong

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything main stream about Twitter, but over the past few weeks, since the rollout of the new app, “Twitter Places” Twitter has found, more times than not, that trying to keep up with “The Jones” or trying to “Stay Ahead of The Curve” has put another twist in the mix.

And that twist is “Servability” ok, maybe that’s not quite the right word, but lately, at least from a users perspective, when they go to Twitter to post a tweet or reply to a friends tweet, they get the “Oops something is technically wrong message”.

Now I don’t know about you, but being a business owner, the “Oops!” just doesn’t cut it, when you’re up against a schedule and your time is very important.

You can have all the Twitter Tools, Tips and resources to help make your marketing efforts work together for the benefit of yourself and your followers, but if Twitter is down, then all the other apps are too.

So, what do you do when Twitter is down, and the “Fail Whale” swims into your harbor?

I know many of you have more than one marketing avenue in the mix, so what do you do when you have all these social media networks all tied together and one of those sites goes down?

What do you have in your arsenal that is tried, tested and approved to never let you down?

Until next time.
Have a wonderful day,

BREAKING NEWS: Photo’s and Videos to appear in your Twitter Stream?

Rumors are flying around that Twitter is testing new features and settings
that would embed photo’s and video’s in your Twitter Stream.

The new feature/setting is said to be called Tweet Media. Certainly this
would really change the twitter user experience all for the good in my humble opinion.

Besides viewing photo’s and video’s by who you’re following, it’s been reported that users
we’ll have an option to view everyone’s photo’s and video’s.

Standby for more details as we receive them…

Please post your comments and what you know or would like to see with regards
to photo’s and video’s being embedded in your twitter stream..

Follow Friday Tips for you

Come rain or shine, every Friday people unite together on Twitter to share who they recommend others to Follow. It’s pretty cool and exciting to see all of the people thinking of you and mentioning your name.

While we see people using Follow Friday with good intentions, the problem is that most people do not know how to use it effectively.

So before I share some helpful tips on how to be Successful with #FollowFriday #FF,
let’s talk about how NOT to use follow Friday. Read the rest of this entry »

Making your Twitter life easier with Twitter lists

Are you taking advantage of the Twitter lists feature?

If not, here are three cool options that can make your twitter life easier.

1. You can create up to 20 different list with 500 people on each list.
2. Create different lists to sort and group people for easy reference.
3. View other people’s list and follow the top people from their list.

Creating a new Twitter List is a simple process.
In this short video, Skeeter Hansen shows you how to take advantage of the twitter lists feature.

Listorious (Listorious) is a third-party site that maintains a categorized directory of Twitter lists. You can search or browse through lists by category, and find the most popular lists.

How are you using the new twitter lists feature?
(please leave us your comments)

PS Feel free to add @alferretti and @skeeterhansen to your list.

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Read: Serious Phishing Scam Spreading on Twitter

Over the past year Twitter watchdog has reported various phishing scams that are happening on Twitter.

Today, we found another phishing scam and wanted to make sure you are aware of it.
This scam promotes getting more followers.

Beware of Tweets that say the following:
* CHECK out this site, im a member of it, gets you more followers.
* Get more followers for free!

Byron Acohido with the USA Today Technology Live reported this phishing scam titled:

Tweets promising free Twitter followers is a phishing scam

A cyber gang continues to flood Twitter with an intensifying phishing scam that has allowed the bad guys to grab control of thousands of valid Twitter accounts.

“This is an extremely viral campaign that’s spreading rapidly,” says Patrick Walsh, chief technology officer at network security firm eSoft.

The criminals are sending out microblog postings — Tweets — from legit Twitter accounts suggesting that people click to a web service that will instantly get them 50 to 100 more followers. Visitors to the web page are asked to type in their Twitter logon and password to use the service for free.

Of course the information gets routed to the bad guys. They then use an automated program to instantly log on to the victim’s Twitter account and blast out a similar Tweet once every few hours. The shortened links carried in these postings are constantly tweaked to avoid being blocked or filtered.

“This is by far the biggest type of attack like this that we’ve seen, in terms of how many people are getting affected and getting their accounts hacked,” says Lee Graves, eSoft threat communications specialist.

For the moment, the gang appears to be intent on amassing thousands of valid Twitter account logons. To cash in, the gang can later access the accounts and blast out spam for worthless drugs or antivirus subscriptions. Or they could Tweet out links to infected web pages designed to turn over full control of a visitor’s PC to the bad guys.

Read more on this story here

Just remember, it’s not about the quantity of followers, it’s about the quality of followers. Don’t fall for this scam. People having success on Twitter are doing it by engaging, building relationships and providing value. Not by getting a mass amount of random followers all for the sakes of larger numbers whom they can broadcast to. Don’t get scammed.

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