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Twitter is a haven for shy people and introverts!

I don’t like going to big parties, meetings or places where I don’t know people.

It is not that I don’t like people, just that I think I’m genetically shy. Once I’m at an event or a party or a large meeting, I have the best time of all. It is getting there that is always a challenge.

Funny part is that I speak at many major conventions and meetings each year. Hundreds of people are fine with me, but when I go to a cocktail party, I have a hard time walking up to people to start a conversation.

That’s why Twitter is a safe haven for me and a chance to meet so many interesting people. Here’s how I do it:

1. If someone recommends a friend on #FollowFriday, I’ll click on them and read their bio. If we have something in common, I’ll tweet them and mention it. Many people recommended @dave_carpenter because he’s a great speaker. We tweeted and next time he’s in Miami we’re getting together.

2. I can ask questions on Twitter, and people come out of the blue to help me. For instance, I asked about things to do in Philadelphia during my visit now in March. @ErnieSchell told me that I have to see the Barnes Foundation has an amazing art collection and will soon be moving. I have my tickets in my purse now.

3. Also talk about my hopes, dreams, what I’m reading…and mentioned I’d like to do a business related cruise, maybe about marketing and gather the best speakers, trainers together to help businesses, small and large. Who piped up that they might help me?
A great guy, @theflaggagency who handle cruises. Who knows maybe Chuck and I will do it in the Fall. (let me know if you want to come: @loisgeller

So, while I’ve always said that Twitter increases your luck by expanding your network of people and possibilities…I also admit it is great for us shy people too!

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