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Catching Twitter Quitters

There are a lot of apps for Twitter in the marketplace that is being used and every day there are new apps developed. Today, with no exception, I discovered an app that I had not seen before call Qwitter.

For those who do not know about Qwitter, it is a service that emails you every time someone unfollows you on Twitter. This email will display their name and the last tweet that you sent that may have caused the person to unfollow you.

According to Qwitter’s website another advantage of the service is that it helps you identify Twitter spammers and spam bots

The site states: “Whether you are an individual or a business you can use Qwitter to expand your social media analytics.” And if you If you are sad about being unfollowed you can visit their other site called Qwitter Therapy. I am still working on understanding Quitter Therapy. This will be for another day.

The bottom-line is that Twitter is great at telling you when you gain followers, but they never tell you about your unfollowers! Qwitter does all of the dirty work for Twitter.

Of course that is an upgrade to the account if you want more capabilities. The cost is reasonable if you really want the extra service at $4.99 per year.

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Who would think you could sell a car to a blind man?

I was speaking recently at a conference and as I stepped down from the podium…a well-dressed man was waiting to tell me he recognized me from Twitter. “I have a question for you”…why do you follow so many people on Twitter?”

Apparently he hadn’t read my Twitter Watchdog post about My Twitter Philosophy

He went on to tell me he only follows a few very select people who he “is nurturing” because he wants them as clients. Well, I thought…focus is good, and then I remembered…

Many years ago I was doing the marketing for Ford Motor Co. I was feeling pretty great about how well we were doing, getting prospects to go to their local dealerships and test drive new cars. But, as soon as I get “puffed up”, something always happens to set me right again. This time it was an irate dealer-owner in Quebec.

He called the agency and screamed at me that my foolish mailing had brought in a blind man who requested a test drive of a new car, a big Explorer. His salesman wasted an hour driving the guy around…and it was all my fault, because my list selection was stupid. Then he called the Chairman of our agency to tell him to kick me to the curb.

I apologized profusely. Not sure how a blind man even read my direct mail letter…and then went back to work, humbled.

Next morning at 11:00 AM I get a call from that same dealer. This time his voice was filled with gratitude. The blind guy had brought his brother in that morning and just signed the papers to buy a fully loaded Explorer. Imagine!

So if one blind man can buy a big old car…who might be the person who buys your service, your product…your next great idea?

I think (for what it’s worth):

1. Follow people back, if they’re real people. I followed @aviationartlife because she had a weird logo. Turns out, she’s Cecilia Karr and her husband is an Aviation Artist. I own an agency..never know when I might need him. Meanwhile, we’re friends.

2. @Ms_effective tweeted me about contributing a section of her new book. I gave her some of my secrets of feeling great before presentations and she wrote about them in her new book, 101 Quick Tips Effective Communications by Debbie Mayo-Smith. She’s in New Zealand and month she sent me a half dozen copies of the new book…with my secrets in it. Love that!

3. Then there’s @kansasauthor who writes directly to me often. He didn’t like the fact, I kept calling him Kansas, so I looked up his name, Tom Mach. Found out he wrote a great book entitled, Sissy. I ordered it last night from Barnes and Noble.

So, I’ve made dozens of new friends. Maybe I’m not as focused as the guy with the Armani suit..but Twitter is definitely making me happier.

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How to get Twitter Followers

Many people especially new people on Twitter are focused on trying to get a huge number of followers. I can’t blame them cause I was the same way almost a year ago when I started using Twitter. Today I realize the quality of followers in more important then the quantity of followers. Who am I to say what your reason is for using Twitter, here are some techniques to consider if you’re just looking to generate lots of followers.

want more followers

1. Follow new people everyday will help you get more Twitter followers. The daily maximum Twitter will let you follow per day is 1000. This doesn’t mean you can just follow 1000 people per day and not get into trouble with Twitter. You must have a balance in what you’re doing or Twitter will suspend your account. You can get suspended for a number of reasons. There is also a ratio to consider once you get over the 2000 follow limit. This ratio is about 10%, meaning you can follow about 10% more people then you have followers.

2. Unfollow those that don’t follow you back. Many people on Twitter have auto follows setup which means they auto follow you when you follow them. Again being to aggressive may cause your Twitter account to get suspended, there must be a balance. You can use programs like twitterkarma to unfollow large numbers of people at one time. One thing you can do to make room for more followers is to remove some of the people you are following even if they are following you.

3. Send out tweets to give people a reason to follow you. If you’re trying to sell something you want to send out tweets with a link to your sales page but this can damage you. If all you do is send out links especially to many in a short amount of time people will block and unfollow you. When you get blocked by a certain number of people Twitter may suspend your account. Send out other tweets in between the tweets with links. For example: quotes, jokes, @replies, retweets etc. will help keep your account looking like all you’re doing is trying to market a product or get more followers.

4. Set up your Twitter account for automation with tools like tweetadder to get more done. With just this one tool you can schedule tweets to go out around the clock. Set up your account to auto follow everyone that follows you. Auto unfollow those that unfollow you, follow people with a certain number of followers, send out direct messages and the list goes on. Just keep in mind you can only send out 250 Direct Messages per day, once you hit this limit you will have to wait until the next day before you can send any more.

5. Having a balance to protect your Twitter account from getting suspended and gain as many followers as possible is the one thing many people are trying to figure out. Only send out two tweets per hour with links and send at least one other type of tweet in between. Never follow the daily maximum of 1000 people per day, keep this number to about 400 to 500 to be safe. Don’t send out the same tweet two often, have plenty of different types of tweets will help keep you from looking like a spammer. Only send out about 300-400 direct messages per day. The last thing you want to happen is for your account to get suspended. This is just part of the list of things to consider when it comes to having a balance with your Twitter account.

These are just a few methods to help you get more followers but don’t blame me if you get to aggressive and your account gets suspended. Read the list of reasons why Twitter suspends accounts and take these reasons into consideration when trying to generate lots of followers.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to list them below in the comment section. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter username so myself and others can follow you. Thanks for your time and let me know how I can help you with your Twitter experience.

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