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To Follow or Not to Follow…

To Follow or Not to Follow…

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If Shakespeare were alive now and using Twitter, would he be deliberating on who to follow?

I know I’ve asked myself that question a number of times. And other questions arise when people consider a “follow strategy.”

I’ve seen many viewpoints on the subject of who (and who not) to follow. Here are a few:

  1. I only follow people who I am really interesting in hearing from.
  2. I follow everyone who follows me because I think that’s the cordial way to use Twitter.
  3. If I’m following someone and they won’t follow me, then I’ll give them a few days but then I’ve got to unfollow them.
  4. I want scads of followers because I’ll be in a better position to market my products/services to them.
  5. I want scads of followers because, well, it’s just downright cool to have tons of followers.
  6. The more followers I have, the more credible I am.
  7. I don’t want an enormous number of followers. There’s no way I can pay attention to that kind of Twitter stream.

Here is a strategy I’ve come up with that I believe is a nice blend of a few key principles.

I do follow everyone who follows me. I believe that is cordial. I don’t worry about the immense stream of tweets coming to me as I’m using Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck allows you to create groups of people or groups of search topics that you can then follow in a separate column.

I want to follow just my close friends? Great, I create that group and that column is immediately available to me.

I want to follow a particular subject? No problem. I do a search on that subject and then keep the column there for me to check out each time I open Tweetdeck.

Now, I also have the big stream of tweets going by. And I check that out from time to time. If I see some interesting stuff, I go and check it out. If I really like a new Twitter friend of mine, I can put him into another group!

I believe this gets me the best of all worlds. I’m not being disrespectful to those who have chosen to follow me. And I’m not overwhelmed by a sea of tweets.

Now, I’m not robotic on this. If I see someone has followed me for strictly spam purposes or is into some things that are way off-color for me, then the handy unfollow button is pressed.

I have three Twitter accounts with about 4,500 followers total. I’ve got my groups on Tweetdeck. I’ve got my Tweetdeck on my iPhone. If I find myself on a desert island and I’ve got iPhone access, I’m thinking I’m in pretty good shape Twitter-wise! (and some way to recharge the battery of course)

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