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Twitter 3rd Party Tool “HootSuite” Has Many Great Features

Twitter users love HootSuite for many great reasons

Save your time and save your sanity. Manage multiple social networks through one client!

Impress your friends, your boss or just yourself with improved visualizations link statistics. Graphs show not only a summary but also individual message statistics!

Never miss an update with HootSuite’s multiple columns feature. Organize your social networks into friends, news, search terms, keyword tracking – whatever you like!

Watch this short video and see if HootSuite is for you.

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Twitter Automation and Time Saver Tool

Tweetlater (now known as socialoomph) is an incredible Twitter Productivity Tool

This is the tool I use along with many others for their auto-direct messages. You can schedule tweet into the future and save tweets as a draft that can be reused later. You can create an extended Twitter profile,do keyword search, view graphs of your Twitter statistics and much more.

You can even advertise your Twitter account on this site to create more exposure and generate followers.

Watch this short video for a quick overview of Tweetlater (socialoomph).

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The Benefits of Using the Right Twitter Photo

Using the right photo or avatar on Twitter can make all the difference to getting followers. When I am looking for new people to connect with and build relationships with one of the first things I do is look at the photo. If it’s a bad photo for example, the head is cut off, the person is 100 feet away and I can’t see their face etc. I simply move to the next person. People want to connect with a face so they know who they are talking to.

This short video will explain the power of using the right Twitter photo.

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Check Your Twitter Grade and do a Targeted Search

Get your Twitter grade and much more with this cool Twitter tool. Search for people in your business or niche, find and locate the top people on Twitter. Find out when you or others started using Twitter. Compare your Twitter grade with others and check out your Twitter cloud. This is a fun powerful 3rd party Twitter tool with many great features.

This short video will give you a brief overview of how twittergrader works.

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How to Un-Follow With Twitter Karma and Why

Update: A special thank you to Aaron at for updating us.
“Twitter karma no longer offers bulk unfollow because its against the twitter rules =)
So the “bulk unfollow” button is no longer there.
The “bulk block” is still there though =)”

There are other tools tweetadder (tweet adder) that will allow you to unfollow multiple people.

Twitter has a 2,000 follow limit so you must un-follow those that don’t follow you back.

You can only connect with those that follow you back and with the 2,000 follow limit Twitter has on your account you will need to un-follow to make room to follow more people to get over the limit.

Once you have more than 2,000 people following you then you have about a 10% ratio to maintain. Which means you can only follow 10% over the number of people you have following you. This keeps people from going out and just following huge numbers of people for the purpose of spamming.

This short twitter video will show you a simple tool that works to un-follow people.

Note: this tool only works until you have 10,000 followers.

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Why all the Buzz About Marketing on Twitter

Just a few months ago there were less then 10 million Twitter users but growing rapidly. Today there are over 50 million Twitter users and 50,000 3rd party tools and apps that integrate with Twitter.

Twitter might not be a facebook but the power of marketing on Twitter is like mining gold during the gold rush. Every time I watch TV or visit a blog or website all I see or hear is follow me on Twitter.

This short video will help explain the buzz about Twitter.

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