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Twitter is a haven for shy people and introverts!

I don’t like going to big parties, meetings or places where I don’t know people.

It is not that I don’t like people, just that I think I’m genetically shy. Once I’m at an event or a party or a large meeting, I have the best time of all. It is getting there that is always a challenge.

Funny part is that I speak at many major conventions and meetings each year. Hundreds of people are fine with me, but when I go to a cocktail party, I have a hard time walking up to people to start a conversation.

That’s why Twitter is a safe haven for me and a chance to meet so many interesting people. Here’s how I do it:

1. If someone recommends a friend on #FollowFriday, I’ll click on them and read their bio. If we have something in common, I’ll tweet them and mention it. Many people recommended @dave_carpenter because he’s a great speaker. We tweeted and next time he’s in Miami we’re getting together.

2. I can ask questions on Twitter, and people come out of the blue to help me. For instance, I asked about things to do in Philadelphia during my visit now in March. @ErnieSchell told me that I have to see the Barnes Foundation has an amazing art collection and will soon be moving. I have my tickets in my purse now.

3. Also talk about my hopes, dreams, what I’m reading…and mentioned I’d like to do a business related cruise, maybe about marketing and gather the best speakers, trainers together to help businesses, small and large. Who piped up that they might help me?
A great guy, @theflaggagency who handle cruises. Who knows maybe Chuck and I will do it in the Fall. (let me know if you want to come: @loisgeller

So, while I’ve always said that Twitter increases your luck by expanding your network of people and possibilities…I also admit it is great for us shy people too!

Who would think you could sell a car to a blind man?

I was speaking recently at a conference and as I stepped down from the podium…a well-dressed man was waiting to tell me he recognized me from Twitter. “I have a question for you”…why do you follow so many people on Twitter?”

Apparently he hadn’t read my Twitter Watchdog post about My Twitter Philosophy

He went on to tell me he only follows a few very select people who he “is nurturing” because he wants them as clients. Well, I thought…focus is good, and then I remembered…

Many years ago I was doing the marketing for Ford Motor Co. I was feeling pretty great about how well we were doing, getting prospects to go to their local dealerships and test drive new cars. But, as soon as I get “puffed up”, something always happens to set me right again. This time it was an irate dealer-owner in Quebec.

He called the agency and screamed at me that my foolish mailing had brought in a blind man who requested a test drive of a new car, a big Explorer. His salesman wasted an hour driving the guy around…and it was all my fault, because my list selection was stupid. Then he called the Chairman of our agency to tell him to kick me to the curb.

I apologized profusely. Not sure how a blind man even read my direct mail letter…and then went back to work, humbled.

Next morning at 11:00 AM I get a call from that same dealer. This time his voice was filled with gratitude. The blind guy had brought his brother in that morning and just signed the papers to buy a fully loaded Explorer. Imagine!

So if one blind man can buy a big old car…who might be the person who buys your service, your product…your next great idea?

I think (for what it’s worth):

1. Follow people back, if they’re real people. I followed @aviationartlife because she had a weird logo. Turns out, she’s Cecilia Karr and her husband is an Aviation Artist. I own an agency..never know when I might need him. Meanwhile, we’re friends.

2. @Ms_effective tweeted me about contributing a section of her new book. I gave her some of my secrets of feeling great before presentations and she wrote about them in her new book, 101 Quick Tips Effective Communications by Debbie Mayo-Smith. She’s in New Zealand and month she sent me a half dozen copies of the new book…with my secrets in it. Love that!

3. Then there’s @kansasauthor who writes directly to me often. He didn’t like the fact, I kept calling him Kansas, so I looked up his name, Tom Mach. Found out he wrote a great book entitled, Sissy. I ordered it last night from Barnes and Noble.

So, I’ve made dozens of new friends. Maybe I’m not as focused as the guy with the Armani suit..but Twitter is definitely making me happier.

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Do you have a junk drawer…on Twitter?

Christmas Day I was over my head with company and a 30 pound bird, potatoes, desserts…etc. My family wanted to help and they went scrambling looking for cheese cutters, carving knives, salad servers, etc.
Sadly, all of those implements reside in two “junk drawers” in my kitchen. They opened them and rummaged through the mess to find what they needed.
I was so embarrassed, and I’d been meaning to clean them up and empty the extra screws in there, the nutcracker that had begun to rust, etc.

So, as soon as I was done with the all that food preparing, I measured those two errant drawers and went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy drawer organizers and all shiney new cutlery. It felt great, just looking there…not for company…but for myself. I even threw away the spatula that had lost the handle.

Somehow it brought to mind Twitter, and maybe it was time to clean up my followers too (I often get on these cleaning jags).

So, I sat down yesterday, and decided to clean out my followers by “unfollowing” people who don’t follow me, haven’t tweeted in months, have some old account.

I went up to: and typed in my name. It showed a hand patting a rabbit and said that if I was popular it might take a while to find all the people I follow, that don’t follow me back. So, I left it running and went out to a party.

When I returned I found that there were over 1400 people I followed like that. I even found that Al Ferretti (I’m President of his fan club) had an old account I had there. One by one, I went through the tedious task of unfollowing people who hadn’t tweeted in months.

I also found people I thought liked me, but weren’t following me (maybe my red pictures popping up got on their nerves). Made it through about 340 and felt great.

I’d made a dent in cleaning up my Twitter followers.

I like to do this, because it gives me room to start picking people of quality, ones I can learn from, talk business with and enjoy.
So, maybe you might want to give it a try. It feels great…and let me know what you think about the process by leaving a comment below or sending me a tweet
Out with the old. In with the new. Happy 2010!

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My Twitter Follower Philosophy…what is yours?

I have a great friend (in real life) who is an internet guru. So, about 7 months ago she called and mentioned to me that the people I follow here are “all over the map”: horoscope folks, quoting people, housewives.

I agreed. “Why? She asked, do you follow all of those people back?” I told her I do because I learn from them all. Well, she said, I wouldn’t. I only follow a select few, and those are the people I can learn from and are “quality”.

Pondering her words for a while, I had to reflect on real life. If I only associated with marketers my whole life..I would have been a total bore. More important is that my life (up to now) would have lost its luster. I wouldn’t have met some of my wonderful artist friends, my speaker friend, the friend who nursed my Mom for years. My client from Marshalls became a lifelong buddy, though she’s a housewife…I always learn great life lessons from her (Patti Mae).

In fact, I would have missed out on having this diverse, maybe weird group of amazing friends who have been there for me, and taught me all kinds of things.

So, “yes” I do follow back all the authentic people who follow me. There are lots of them. Some become quite special to me, like @DiannaHuff (Dianna Huff) (who said she’s been reading my Creative Corner column for years), @wilsonellis (Wilson Ellis) who always remembers what i’m doing, and asks me about it, @theBeanCast who has an online radio show an a great little grean brand, @relevance who always points out when I say something good, and remains silent when I don’t. @kansasauthor gives me a morning chuckle on the state of the world, and @AlFerretti (Al Ferretti) who always says “thank you” for whatever I yak about at the moment. @skeeterhansen (Skeeter Hansen) is always sending out great new ideas, that I actually use.

Narrow my focus? Look for prospects? Nah…I’ll keep doing what I’m doing on Twitter, making friends. My advertising agency will do fine and thrive. It always does.

Well, that’s my Twitter philosophy. Maybe I’m not focused on business, or have great clarity of goals…but I’ve always been rich and blessed with many wonderful friends…like you!

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How to make your Twitter Brand stand out!

Make your Twitter Brand stand out

Years ago, a man came into my agency on Madison Avenue with a real challenge. He was a small business owner from Meggett, S.C., and wanted us to create a brand for him for an odd product: pecans. He wanted to be like “the big guys”, like Harry and David.

We talked to him for a while, and he told us why his company, Harrell Farms grew the biggest and best pecans ever. He brought pounds of them to our offices, chocolate covered, plain, salted. We got fat eating them. They were great, and we created a story about his farm, his wife, her recipes.

We finally learned the secret to his great nuts…it was the bees that buzzed around them that gave them a unique taste. We spun the story around those bees and how those pecans got so big and fat, and why the honey he sells is really amazing.
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Techies, Juniors and Marketing Oh My!

Social Media is often turned over to techies or juniors in the marketing dept.

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It seems like many of our clients have enlisted newbies in the organization to handle social media.

Probably they do this because young people understand the new technology, text messaging, so they’d be a likely pick.

The challenge with this is that these interns and juniors often aren’t aware of the company’s brand and how to get it across to clients and prospects. They are usually not salespeople, either.

Probably the most effective people I meet on Tweeter are people who know how to naturally develop relationships. People who ask questions, and jump in to help people who ask for it.

You build relationships on Twitter the same way you build friendships, by giving information first, by noticing something about someone, “Oh, you’re from Saskatoon?” and finding those things in common that we enjoy in each other.

I’d be interested in your thought’s, so don’t forget to leave me a comment.

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