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Is Twitter the New Linkedin? -social times

via Is Twitter the New Linkedin? -social times
by Katie Kindelan

Pulling a page straight from the Charlie Sheen playbook, a prominent ad agency just hired its summer interns based on a search conducted solely through Twitter. First Charlie Sheen and now an established advertising firm, it begs the question: is Twitter #winning as the new LinkedIn? Read the rest of this entry »

Should Twitter Close Down @freeNYTimes?

Should Twitter Close Down @freeNYTimes? -by Catherine P. Taylor

As I write this, an interesting signpost in the advancement of social media and paywalls is upon us. To continue my theme of absolute obsession with The New York Times’ new paywall, today I want to talk about whether Twitter has, or should, shut down the Twitter feed @freeNYTimes. It’s an automated account that promises to tweet a link to every article in the Times, using the paper’s own API to make the trick happen. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING NEWS: Photo’s and Videos to appear in your Twitter Stream?

Rumors are flying around that Twitter is testing new features and settings
that would embed photo’s and video’s in your Twitter Stream.

The new feature/setting is said to be called Tweet Media. Certainly this
would really change the twitter user experience all for the good in my humble opinion.

Besides viewing photo’s and video’s by who you’re following, it’s been reported that users
we’ll have an option to view everyone’s photo’s and video’s.

Standby for more details as we receive them…

Please post your comments and what you know or would like to see with regards
to photo’s and video’s being embedded in your twitter stream..

Follow Friday Tips for you

Come rain or shine, every Friday people unite together on Twitter to share who they recommend others to Follow. It’s pretty cool and exciting to see all of the people thinking of you and mentioning your name.

While we see people using Follow Friday with good intentions, the problem is that most people do not know how to use it effectively.

So before I share some helpful tips on how to be Successful with #FollowFriday #FF,
let’s talk about how NOT to use follow Friday. Read the rest of this entry »

Are you missing from the Find People Search on Twitter?

Twitter recently posted an update regarding those missing from the Find People Search on Twitter.

We’ve updated this Known Issues page to include the issue of “searching for usernames with underscores.” Search is aware of this and we’ll update this page when it’s resolved.

Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter to remove third party ad networks

In a blog post today, Twitter indicates that it has updated its terms of service, posting, “We will not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API.”

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