Catching Twitter Quitters

There are a lot of apps for Twitter in the marketplace that is being used and every day there are new apps developed. Today, with no exception, I discovered an app that I had not seen before call Qwitter.

For those who do not know about Qwitter, it is a service that emails you every time someone unfollows you on Twitter. This email will display their name and the last tweet that you sent that may have caused the person to unfollow you.

According to Qwitter’s website another advantage of the service is that it helps you identify Twitter spammers and spam bots

The site states: “Whether you are an individual or a business you can use Qwitter to expand your social media analytics.” And if you If you are sad about being unfollowed you can visit their other site called Qwitter Therapy. I am still working on understanding Quitter Therapy. This will be for another day.

The bottom-line is that Twitter is great at telling you when you gain followers, but they never tell you about your unfollowers! Qwitter does all of the dirty work for Twitter.

Of course that is an upgrade to the account if you want more capabilities. The cost is reasonable if you really want the extra service at $4.99 per year.

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