Are you missing from the Find People Search on Twitter?

Twitter recently posted an update regarding those missing from the Find People Search on Twitter.

We’ve updated this Known Issues page to include the issue of “searching for usernames with underscores.” Search is aware of this and we’ll update this page when it’s resolved.

To find Twitter accounts and follow them, access here

If you have or know someone that has a Twitter username with sn underscore in the name, stay tuned for updates here

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3 Responses to “Are you missing from the Find People Search on Twitter?”

  • avatar Jyl says:

    No underscore and I am still not searchable. Uggg, so frustrating.

  • avatar carol says:

    How would I attach other sir names so that I can be found. eg. maiden name, other married names?

  • avatar bridge says:

    I have been missing from ‘Find People Search’ for a long, long time and @support don’t seem to be helping me. I have no underscore in my username and still not searchable. So frustrating. Now, how to gain followers if you’re not searchable. What’s the point if you’re not included in ‘Search.’

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