Twitter to remove third party ad networks

In a blog post today, Twitter indicates that it has updated its terms of service, posting, “We will not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API.”

This points directly to third party Twitter ad networks like sponsored tweets (sponsored tweets) and ( who place advertisements into user timelines.

According to Twitter, the decision to remove third party ad networks is all about “the integrity and relevance of the timeline.” Certainly, this will now enable Twitter to completely run their own (with no competition) in house ad network called Promoted Tweets.

Pertaining to the Twitter ecosystem, Twitter states “we will also be specific about the boundaries we will draw in order to preserve the integrity, health, and value of the network.”

This decision by Twitter is sure to stir the pot with the people like sponsored tweets and who have created business models around Twitter in order to monetize tweets. For twitter users, it looks to prevent future confusion as there now will likely only be one ad network, Twitters very own “Promoted Tweets.”

That leaves us with, what changes are coming next to Twitter?

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