Read: Serious Phishing Scam Spreading on Twitter

Over the past year Twitter watchdog has reported various phishing scams that are happening on Twitter.

Today, we found another phishing scam and wanted to make sure you are aware of it.
This scam promotes getting more followers.

Beware of Tweets that say the following:
* CHECK out this site, im a member of it, gets you more followers.
* Get more followers for free!

Byron Acohido with the USA Today Technology Live reported this phishing scam titled:

Tweets promising free Twitter followers is a phishing scam

A cyber gang continues to flood Twitter with an intensifying phishing scam that has allowed the bad guys to grab control of thousands of valid Twitter accounts.

“This is an extremely viral campaign that’s spreading rapidly,” says Patrick Walsh, chief technology officer at network security firm eSoft.

The criminals are sending out microblog postings — Tweets — from legit Twitter accounts suggesting that people click to a web service that will instantly get them 50 to 100 more followers. Visitors to the web page are asked to type in their Twitter logon and password to use the service for free.

Of course the information gets routed to the bad guys. They then use an automated program to instantly log on to the victim’s Twitter account and blast out a similar Tweet once every few hours. The shortened links carried in these postings are constantly tweaked to avoid being blocked or filtered.

“This is by far the biggest type of attack like this that we’ve seen, in terms of how many people are getting affected and getting their accounts hacked,” says Lee Graves, eSoft threat communications specialist.

For the moment, the gang appears to be intent on amassing thousands of valid Twitter account logons. To cash in, the gang can later access the accounts and blast out spam for worthless drugs or antivirus subscriptions. Or they could Tweet out links to infected web pages designed to turn over full control of a visitor’s PC to the bad guys.

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Just remember, it’s not about the quantity of followers, it’s about the quality of followers. Don’t fall for this scam. People having success on Twitter are doing it by engaging, building relationships and providing value. Not by getting a mass amount of random followers all for the sakes of larger numbers whom they can broadcast to. Don’t get scammed.

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8 Responses to “Read: Serious Phishing Scam Spreading on Twitter”

  • avatar Michael says:

    It seems like such an obvious scam that I’m amazed that anyone would actually fall for it. The moment I click on an external link and the destination asks for my Twitter name and password, I just blow it off…

  • avatar Carl Harris says:

    Thanks guys – I have seen these tweets but I haven’t been interested – good to know I did the right thing! I don’t much trust anything that sounds too good to be true.

  • avatar Betty says:

    This post is extremely important to share as there are so many scams around. Thanks for getting this information out.

  • avatar Laurie says:

    Thanks guys for keeping us informed! Will keep passing on the word

  • avatar john white says:

    I have yet to learn proper use of twitter, am pretty much illiterate on computer skills. Is there a page or site; I can learn how to use it properly? I’m sure the people I read are not reading me, because of my ignorance. (couldn’t possibly be my killer state of depression or helplesness). I don’t care about followers, except to hear their opinion and /or gain information or knowledge. There is more and faster news, and more truth, on twitter, than is available anywhere else on this planet, as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for your observations and your information.

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi John~

    You are not alone with that one.

    And that’s why Skeeter and I created
    a simple step by step multi-media training and twitter marketing system.
    Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or a pro. You’ll surely receive
    many benefits and results..

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a commment John

    Have a great day~


  • Just wanted to say thanks for the useful info about phishing
    scams! I used to think quantity of followers meant everything-but
    then I realized quality meant much more! Keep up the great info and
    I’ll keep reading and re-tweeting it !
    Kristi Sayles

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