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Happy Friday~

It’s Al.

Today I’m going to share some short but sweet info to where you can find out what’s going on at Twitter. So lets jump right in…

1. (Twitter Blog) The Official Twitter blog Click here

2. (Twitter Media) Knowledge and tools to help you use Twitter to transform media, entertainment and journalism

3. (Twitter Updates) Updates on the status of the Twitter Service.

4. (Twitter Developers) For Developers. Create cool applications that integrate with Twitter.

5. (Twitter Jobs) Learn more about working at Twitter including available open positions

6. (Twitter Widgets and Buttons) Get the Twitter Goodies. Twitter Widgets: Put your updates anywhere or create at live stream for an event. Compatible with Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, etc. Twitter Buttons: Promote your Twitter account by adding good looking buttons to your website or blog.

On a side note: Feel free to tweet this post to your followers so they can have access to the info and links as well.

Watching out for you, one tweet at a time. -Twitter Watchdog



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