How to safely UnFollow people who haven’t tweeted in a while

It’s been said that there’s now well over 50,000 third party tools and apps that integrate with Twitter. Some of which provide different ways to follow and unfollow people.

Today I discovered a third party Twitter service that’s simple to use, is free, and can help you identify the people who haven’t tweeted in a while on Twitter.

The service is called UnTweeps (UnTweeps)

So I thought I would do a little spring clean up of my own with by unfollowing those tweeps that haven’t sent a tweet on Twitter since last year. I must say, it works like a charm.

Additionally, UnTweeps allows you to whitelist your faves, view your blocked list and is safe to use because they don’t store or share our twitter information on their servers. It’s all handled through the Twitter Authentication (OAuth) process, which makes it safe to use.

So whether you would like to spring clean your Twitter Account, better organize your account, and/or filter out some of the noise, check out UnTweeps and leave us your comments on what you think about it.

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