LOOK! The US government is recording every single Tweet on Twitter

Congratulations friends and followers on Twitter!

Every single one of your public tweets on Twitter going back
4 years is being digitally recorded by the Library of Congress.

That means all of us tweeting on Twitter will be going down in history.

So a big question is…
Why is the US government taking interest in the Twitter universe?

Watch this Video by FoxNews to learn why

TIP: Be on good behavior and maybe think twice before sending that Tweet. Twitter (like Facebook) is a real life social environment being recorded in many ways. So ask yourself… do I want the entire world to forever see what I tweeted?

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12 Responses to “LOOK! The US government is recording every single Tweet on Twitter”

  • avatar Lee Down says:

    I won’t be alive forever, I am the program director of my broadcast channels, and I have a purpose to what I do. If I stir the pot, be controversial, or am just generally useful and inspirational, I’m happy. If the government wants to record things, that is fine. Most people probably aren’t aware that all communications world-wide are already, and always have been, monitored by listening stations via military installations, and other government agencies. The governments of the world with the technology are always monitoring for threats and intelligence that gives them the edge.

    My word of advice is simple – remember that just like a TV station, these social media channels you use are simply means of distributing your own personal brand of message. You’re the program director, so stick with your program, be intelligent, proactive, and whatever else you need or want for the public that will consume what you publish. If you don’t care about any of that, then why even be there?

  • It is no surprise to me that The Library of Congress is doing what they are doing. George Orwelle”s book 1984 warned us about it. Big Brother is Watching You.

  • avatar Emily says:

    I think, knowing this, we should all get together and say things we want the government to hear about how dissatisfied we are as well as how much we love the lords and ladies we have supposedly elected. Sedition should be the order of the day on the parat of millions of people a day: Let them sort through all that. SIGH. I guess there are not enough people who have that kind of a sense of humor, I am ahead of my time. SIGH.

  • Until tweeter ceases to exist because America as we know it ceases to exist this form of communication espiecially with the hastag function s is a very effective force. When this countries leadership either threatens its citizens or tries to ban open communication then we will have to find some other means to express our feelings and rights as citizens in communicating with one another. Record as they will, an honest USA loving citizen should never have a problem with a record of those communication activities.

  • avatar Emily says:

    I think, knowing this, we should all get together and say things we want the government to hear about how dissatisfied we are as well as how much we love the lords and ladies we have supposedly elected. Usually government doesns’t listen to people. Here, it has its ear to the ground. When people snoop on me, I always make it worth their while. I say things that will make them very upset and they have to pretend they didn’t hear that. It is FUN. Sedition should be the order of the day on the part of millions of people a day: Let them sort through all that. SIGH. I guess there are not enough people who have that kind of a sense of humor, I am ahead of my time. SIGH.

  • Hi,
    Very informative. it is important, I believe, to stay focused on your purpose when tweeting. My goal is to connect with like-minded people, to share positive, uplifting and informative articles, videos, quotes and other material. it is all focused in an uplifting, supportive attitude. For people whose goal is to denigrate the government, the health care system or individuals, there could be a problem at some future time. Just as it is important to use manners and speak with discretion in polite company, tweeting requires some of that same politeness.

  • Tweet with respect and tolerance, be interesting, ignore those who spew forth negativity, add something informative to the conversation and be positive!

  • avatar Heinz Rainer says:

    Hi everyone,
    Seems all our activities on the web are now being scrutinized by big brother.
    Lets show them our best intentions.
    (Could not open the Video though )
    regards H

  • avatar catcher says:

    A very good reminder. Wow… I tried to access the links (of news items) but was told “ths video is not available” in each instance. To be honest, I really do think that being watched by some ‘intelligence depts.’ would have been obvious and to some degree, I don’t have anything against that. I remember approx 18 months (approx) ago, I went to the local Library (Frankston, 3199) to use their PC’s because my own had crashed, only to sit next to a Pak.stan woman (I actually asked whether she was Indian and she said no, “Pakistani”) who must have been in the same boat as I was, anyway, although I am not in the habit to look at other people’s work (30 mins not enough time) but on this occasion she not only received but also forwarded something highly technical to someone overseas. It looked like a blueprint of a highly sophisticated rifle or laser gunnery item but when she realized that I was glancing at it and obviously tried to find out what the email address was that it was sent from, she smiled at me and minimized it saying, oh I am trying to play a joke on someone… I pretended to believe her and without trying to be too obvious that I was a little alarmed about what I had seen, I took another 2-3 minutes to finish off what I was doing and left my PC. I noticed that as soon as I had gone she went to another man nearby and said something to him while both were looking in my direction. I wandered around the video area for a few minutes before I discretely reported what I had seen to one of the Librarians but she obviously wasn’t trained in any sort of Security because she just ignored it. I left as quickly as possible, just in case they decided to follow me. Now, how do I know that this was harmless? I thought I’d report it but… as usual, our Australian Government Departments (and I am including Libraries within that) and Services are too complacent to be on the look-out for possible breach of Securities! Since then, I have discovered that to report anything now-a-days suspicious to anyone only draws out their attention to you and one is then being compromised in ways that are quite unnecessary. So… if someone is monitoring Twitter, it is fine by me … as long as they leave me alone. I want to live my life in peace and harmony,

  • avatar catcher says:

    I must add to my previous comment, that we must remember that our right to say what we want to say, should not be infringed on. Now I am almost confusing myself because I don’t think any of us have that right anymore. If you use the words, “He”, “His”, you get picked on for not saying, “She” “Hers”; if you mention that you are a Christian and opose some of the concepts of another religion, then you are automatically transgressing and insulting someone, If you happen to describe someone’s color as being “white”, “brown”, “black” or “yellow”, you automatically discriminate against someone. The dark ages were bad because if you talked to a cat or a dog, some religious lunatic automatically declared you to be a witch and the outcome of that is now commonly known, but where are we now ?

  • avatar Brian says:

    You’re so warm and fuzzy Dr Erica. How do you manage to do it? 😉 The fact is, our freedoms are being eroded and if we don’t stand up and speak out against it none of us will be able to say or do what we want eventually. After all, those are the principles this great nation was founded on – individual freedom and liberty.

  • Yes, the government has been watching for a long time. I think that we, as a people, have just started to REALLY look at what the government IS and has been doing AND (finally) believing that they would actually encroach upon us in these ways.

    For years I’ve been telling people what the government has been up to (“Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People”, “Psychopolitics: The Psychopolitics of Brainwashing”, “1984”) and the 1950’s rooted, All-American answer was more often than not, “Oh, OUR government wouldn’t do that to US!!”.

    Honestly, each of these types of responses were nearly identical to that wording.

    Now we can see. Hallelujah. Now we just have to believe that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it must be a duck. Seeing is not believing. BELIEVING is believing.

    If you want to see the blueprint that they are working to implement, read Orwell’s “novel”, “1984”. He might have been a few decades late but that’s because there are so many of us who have been trying to keep that Devil’s door closed.

    More on Orwell? http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2009/may/10/1984-george-orwell See what “Big Brother,” “Orwelian” and “DoubleSpeak” really mean.

    “1984” wasn’t fiction. It is now.

    “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

    Thanks for posting this, Al and Skeeter. Keep up the “Paul Revering”.


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