Twitter to Promote Tweets?

About 1 month ago Twitter Watchdog reported “Most Popular Tweets to Show in Twitter Search Results”
You can check out that report here if you would like.

The big Twitter news today is that Twitter launched it’s advertising program. The ad platform is called Promoted Tweets and will begin as previously mentioned here at Twitter Watchdog, within the Twitter Search results.

While Promoted Tweets will start within the search results it is planning to enter both streams and third-party apps and tools such as TweetDeck (TweetDeck) and Tweetie (Tweetie) (Twitter acquired Tweetie last week).

To see an example of Promoted Tweets in action while logged in at simply go to the search box on the right hand side of your screen and type in Starbucks.

You can also take a look at this New York Times article “Twitter Unveils Plans to Draw Money From Ads”

What are your thoughts about Twitter implementing ads within their search box?

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3 Responses to “Twitter to Promote Tweets?”

  • avatar Steve SEO UK says:

    Promoted by Starbucks Coffee – yes I see it at the bottom of the tweet.
    So will we see the day when Twitters can earn money through sponsored tweeting?

    Nice one Al. All the best,

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Thanks for your comment Steve~

    It sounds like Twitter is following the google and Digg ad model.
    Have not heard anything about Twitter offering sponsored tweets.
    The current ad platform model looks to cater to the bigger business as of right now.

    Stay tuned for updates.

    Thank you for commenting and spreading the word Steve.

    have a great day my friend.


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