A Powerful Secret the Pro’s use on Twitter

You might be reading this post and wondering why your great
product, internet marketing or home business opportunity
isn’t making you money. Maybe you’re frustrated with
the precious few hits you’re getting on your website.

Or, you could be totally confused about how or where
to even start with your internet marketing or home business.

You might even be thinking that it’s only a lucky chosen
few with money, resources and perhaps the “magic touch”
who are able to generate money on and offline.

Check this out. It’s been said that Coke-a-cola has an approx.
brand equity of 67 billion (no, not pop cans) DOLLARS, $67B.
This is assumed to be one of the largest brands on planet earth.
Pretty amazing for a business that mixes sugar and water.

Can you guess which brand has the most value to you?
Look in the mirror, what do you see?
Yes, it’s by Branding yourself. Not your company or product.

Now when I say Brand yourself, I’m not talking about spending
any more of your hard earned money on marketing products
or expensive advertising and promotion. Not one red cent!

First, look at what Branding yourself can create for you short and long term…

1. Become a known and popular internet personality AND..

2. Earn great recognition as a respected expert AND..

3. Enjoy an increase in traffic to your website or blog AND..

4. Receive FREE public exposure, awareness AND..

5. Save money on, or even totally avoid expensive
internet advertising, AND…

6. Increase sales for your internet marketing or home business.

Yes, Branding Yourself ranks as one of the most powerful SECRETS
the Pros take advantage of everyday and the great thing is-you can too.

AND..it’s being done on Twitter with SIMPLE and FREE tools like pictures, audios, blogs, videos, webinars,
teleseminars, and more.

So instead of branding a company name or product, brand yourself. Branding yourself is where you will get the most value both short and long term by engaging, building relationships and providing value on a regular basis.

How do you brand yourself on Twitter? Need Help branding? Feel free to leave us a note below

2 Responses to “A Powerful Secret the Pro’s use on Twitter”

  • avatar Steve SEO UK says:

    You’ve hit it right on the nail here.

    Going back to the days when my father owned a successful business (before retiring some 20 years ago), he used to send me out on the road to introduce myself to his many clients. This as you can imagine took a lot of time, and as time went by, I was becoming despondent because I wasn’t getting any sales. On discussing this with my father, he asked me how many times had I called on each of his clients. Once I replied. Right said he, forget about selling, just go back and visit them all at least 3 times. To cut a long story short, this is what I did and yes, by the third visit I was walking in the doors of these clients and they were greeting me on first name terms. You can guess the rest – the sales started to happen. It’s all about selling yourself first as my wise old Daddy taught me all those years ago.

    All the best to you guys,

  • Great post, it’s absolutely true. Thanks for the great posts and keep them coming!


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