Most Popular Tweets to show in Twitter Search Results

We are discovering that more and more people are using the Twitter search and why not?

So I thought I would share that there’s some buzz going around about Twitter testing a change in how the twitter search results will show.

It seems that Twitter is ready to test it’s search results by displaying the most popular tweets first versus showing the most recent tweets. (things that make you go hmmm)

To me, it’s a bittersweet.

The bitter part is that I like to use twitter to search tweets in real time and would like that to stay.
The sweet part is that I really like the idea of doing a search on twitter and having it display tweets that are the most popular.

My suggestion is to consider adding two tabs.

One tab for Most Popular tweets and second tab for most recent tweets.
That way there’s no bittersweet (on my part) and I think even more people will be happy.

It’s my early thought that the most popular tweets to show in the twitter search results will connect with Twitter to soon roll out ads within their search.

How do you use Twitter search and in what way would you like to see the search results appear? Please leave your comments, ideas, etc below..

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You can learn more about the Twitter search results change as reported by Taylor Singletary developer advocate, Twitter

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  • There is one element of search that Twitter is very poor on – searching my own information. I would like to search the following:

    * Historical tweets that I have posted on a topic
    * Followers, based on a criteria.

    Now I know The twitter search focuses on other elements, but it would be good to have these capabilities.

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