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Whats the Buzz?

Buzzom’s major features are listed below:

1. People Search and Follow them
-Find people with keywords in their Bio.
-Find people who Tweet about the given keyword
-Find people by location
-Find people by name

2. Cross Follow: Find people who are following some account, or who are followed by some account.

3. Account Management (Follow/Unfollow) (one will get the list and he can chose the people to follow or unfollow)
-Flush — Unfollow who do not follow you
-Grow — Find and follow people who are likely to follow back
-Reciprocate — Follow your followers

4. Follow Lock / Follow Block — Lock relationships using this feature.
There might be few people who one don’t want to follow even though you are not reciprocated, such relationships can be locked.

If you want to block someone and never follow him again using Buzzom, you can block such user. Buzzom will never follow the account (till blocked). Buzzom Block does not block the user at Twitter.

Each feature has been carefully crafted as per the need of the people. Among these features, People Search and Cross Follow is the most valuable and have lots of potential to drive your business.

This short video will explain how to ethically follow and unfollow people on Twitter with Buzzom. Getting more followers on Twitter is great but the quality of followers is more important.

Buzzom will save you time by allowing you to build a targeted following & help reduce the people you have to unfollow.

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