Tweet Smarter, Save Time and Get More Done

Tweet Smarter not Harder

This is a cool site you may want to use for your Twitter Marketing needs.

Thanks to @twitter_tips retweeting a tweet on twitter is just a push of a button. You will love this tool for advertising your products to reach more people and generate more followers. It’s also easy to use the onscreen keyboard to add symbols and icons.

If you’ve got something important to share that you want to spread far and wide on Twitter, this is a great way to do it! Not only that, no password is required, so it’s completely secure.

This short video will explain how to maximize your tweet by retweeting with tweetsmarter.

Confused on how to use Twitter the right way?
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2 Responses to “Tweet Smarter, Save Time and Get More Done”

  • avatar john says:

    how to have the blue highlighted third party link or http:// ,to click on at the end of tweets,nobody either knows,or can help ,probably need to be geek-squad, can you help pls ,w/this

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hey John,

    Not sure what the problem is, usually when you have this will be clickable in the tweet. Make sure it’s not connected to any other words in your tweet. If the link is to long try using to shorten your link.

    I hope this help, if not send me an email at support at

    Thanks for the questions and have a great week,

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