Twitter 3rd Party Tool “HootSuite” Has Many Great Features

Twitter users love HootSuite for many great reasons

Save your time and save your sanity. Manage multiple social networks through one client!

Impress your friends, your boss or just yourself with improved visualizations link statistics. Graphs show not only a summary but also individual message statistics!

Never miss an update with HootSuite’s multiple columns feature. Organize your social networks into friends, news, search terms, keyword tracking – whatever you like!

Watch this short video and see if HootSuite is for you.

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One Response to “Twitter 3rd Party Tool “HootSuite” Has Many Great Features”

  • I’m glad you published this. I tried many Twitter tools when I started in May 2009, and somehow intuitively liked HootSuite—not least because it runs on the browser, no need to download anything or use my computer’s processor capacity to work in it.

    I’m currently running two Twitter usernames in HootSuite. The tabbing feature is great; I can keep both accounts active all the time.

    The only thing I’d like to see in HootSuite is that it could show me my following/followers. It does give the opportunity to follow/unfollow people, send them DMs and so on, but it would be nice to see who is already following me or whom I am following.

    Also, if there were skins available, here’s one person who would change the default appearance…


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