Is Your Twitter Background Up to Snuff?

Is Your Twitter Background Up to Snuff?
by Timothy Caron

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s, we all know by now that more and more businesses are taking Twitter to a whole new level, by using Twitter to promote there online and offline businesses. And, here at Twitterwatchdog it’s no different. A matter of fact we encourage you to use Twitter to help Build, Grow and Monetize your business.

In a recent post, I spoke about using Twitter backgrounds to help build and promote your brand on Twitter and we also gave you a few Free Twitter Backgrounds during the holiday season. But did you know that there are over 12,600,000 search results just for the search term “custom twitter backgrounds”?

There are literally thousands of website that can show you how to create your own custom twitter background or you can even download free twitter backgrounds.

If you want a Twitter Background that truly captures the essence of your business, you can expect to pay anywhere from $39.95 to $129.97, now if you ask me that’s a lot of Moo-la! But if you want to attract more quality customers, those that want to buy what you have to offer, then you will have to make a small investment to make this happen.

Below are a few of the website I’d like you to check out (if you haven’t already) that offer a fantastic array of Free and Custom Twitter Backgrounds.

1) Colour Lovers is an excellent place to start if you want to make your own tiling background patterns. They also offer palettes that will help you pick colors that go well together so your Twitter page doesn’t look like you picked the colors with your eyes closed or let your 3-year old do it for you.

2) Twitter Patterns is another great place to find patterns for your tiled background.

3) On The Social Identities web site there are royalty-free backgrounds which you are welcome to use or that might give you some ideas. All of the photographs they use to make these backgrounds are either royalty-free or published under the Creative Commons license and used with permission.

And last but not least we can custom design your Twitter experience for you too, simply contact Al or Skeeter and they will point you in the right direction.

Until next time, have a wonderful day

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