Discover Why Twitter May Suspend Your Account

Your Twitter account could get suspended for several different reasons.

You have worked to hard branding yourself on Twitter and building up your Twitter followers to have it suspended. Take a look at the list below and make sure you avoid these costly mistakes at all cost.

User Abuse: When a large number of people block the profile or write in with spam complaints to Twitter. Sending out two many tweets in a short time with links or the same tweet in a short time will cause people to block or report you for spam.

Aggressive following: Using programs out there that claim to get you 1000’s of follow in just days could get you suspended. Twitter will only allow you to follow so many people a day and if you reach this limit day after day Twitter looks at this as aggressive following and may suspend your account. Just remember quality is better then quantity.

Misuse of the reply feature: I haven’t heard of anyone getting suspended for this but it’s on the list of things not to do. There are 3rd party tools that let you auto reply to all of your @replies and this would be considered misuse of the reply feature.

Updates consist of duplicate links and/or text: Sending out the same tweet over and over again can get you suspended. Twitter is constantly changing it’s API to try and keep spamming under control. Twitter will no longer allow you to send out the same tweet back to back.

Stealing: Updates poached from others’ timelines, passed off as one’s own. Putting your own spin on a tweet will keep you safe. The other day someone retweeted a quote that I like to send out and then they placed their link at the end of my tweet to a sales page, this is a no no.

Technical Abuse: Updates consist of links pointing to phishing sites, malware, or other harmful material. This is a problem on every known social site on the Internet.

Multiple Accounts: When a large number of accounts is created in a short amount of time will throw up a red flag with Twitter. You can have more then one account just don’t create several in a short time. Don’t send out the same tweet from multiple accounts either.

Spam: When an account is identified as belonging to a spam cluster. When you send out the same tweet from different tweet or even tweet that are closely related will be picked up on Twitter’s radar as a spam cluster.

10 Easy Steps with training videos to keep your Twitter account safe.

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