3 Awesome Benefits of Retweeting on Twitter

In my humble opinion, Retweeting is one of greatest features on Twitter and it’s a big part of my success on Twitter as well. My goal is for you to have even more success.

Now this really gets exciting because your tweets can go Viral (in a good way) fast when your message is Retweeted over and over by hundreds or even thousands of people.

Let’s begin with 2 examples on how to retweet (some of you may not know this):

1. You can simply click the Retweet button next to a tweet that you see in your Twitter stream. By clicking the Retweet button it will Retweet the message exactly as you see it to your followers.

2. You can copy/paste a tweet in your twitter timeline and simply send as a new Tweet. Example: “RT @originalpostername A great tip to lose weight fast (link). This example allows you to add a personal touch as well. Where the first example does not.

3 Awesome Benefits of Retweeting on Twitter

A Retweet Provides Value to Your Follower(s)
One of the most important reasons why people follow you is for value. If you can provide value to your followers you will not only make your followers happy, you will most likely attract more followers. Providing quality content is always a great way to provide your followers with value. The first thing that comes to mind is sharing a link to relevant information that is from you or another person.

Note: Try sending quality content by other people It’s good to mix things up all the time. Additionally this positions you as a resource and as a connector to others.

A Retweet Can Benefit Your Personal Brand
Retweeting will help build your personal brand as well as your follower’s loyalty. If you point a follower to an external source that is truly relevant and beneficial to them, the amount of trust that person has in you will increase. The next time you post a link, whether it’s to your website or to an external source, the chances of that person clicking that link are higher than before.

A Retweet Can Help You Build Relationships with others
Retweeting another person’s content is an act of kindness, and others are likely to do the same for you. This doesn’t mean that you should expect someone to retweet your content just because you retweet theirs. but in many cases they do. Remember, retweeting is all about providing value to your followers, typically people will not retweet a post of yours unless it’s perceived as informative or helpful to them or their followers.

If you retweet incorrectly like sending Spam, this can actually hurt your personal brand and you can lose followers in seconds. If done right, a retweet can provide value to your followers, build your personal brand, increase traffic, build relationships with a lot of people in your niche and much more..
The possibilities are really UNlimited~

What retweeting benefits have you received on Twitter?
Please share your comments below..

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4 Responses to “3 Awesome Benefits of Retweeting on Twitter”

  • It reminds me of being Editor of my high school newspaper (although I’m sure it’s valid with all journalism :). Our adviser explained to us how quotes from people can enrich the article and can help the audience to relate to the subject at hand. They add validity to it as well. Although if misquote it can destroy your reputation and believability as a journalist. I think it’s the same idea with Twitter, just modernized. Great points! Thanks for the article!

  • avatar Dotti Berry says:

    Great reminders! Thanks for the tips! If I had only understood this in the beginning when I was new! :)

    It’s never too late…that’s what I share with people when they say they are new and aren’t sure where to begin. So…begin with a retweet! Can’t go wrong with that if it is truly something you feel is of value for others.

  • I agree with everything you said about providing value and help to your followers. If you’re in social media for business, however, you should be careful to keep a balance between forwarding the wisdom of others and providing your own ORIGINAL ideas and content. In other words, do you want to be perceived as a reference library or one of your industry’s thought leaders?

  • avatar Kenn Kerper says:

    I agree fully. Retweeting is an excellent benefit to both you and the person you are retweeting.

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