Twitter is a HUGE Opportunity to Your Success

Remember when traditional media ruled the world?
You know…. TV, radio, and newspapers.

Now you see nearly all TV, radio and newspapers saying Follow me/us on Twitter.
Who would have ever imagined big media advertising and asking their audience to follow them somewhere else?

In my humble opinion, this is one of many indicators that technology has changed the playing field. And it’s good because the playing field is virtually now equal for everyone out there, including you. Whether you are in Fortune 500 company, own a traditional business, a stay at home mom, or just getting started online, we are all sharing the same or similar tools and resources to connect with one another.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why Twitter is a Big Opportunity to Your Success.

1. You can spread the news about your brand, product or service at the speed of lightning.
(even faster than traditional media like Fox News, CNN, ESPN, etc. That’s one of the reasons why traditional media asks us to follow them on Twitter, not to mention that’s where a chuck of people are hanging out now.

2. Pick your passion. Twitter recently reported that there are now over 50,000 third party clients, tools and apps that integrate with Twitter. These are great for user flexibility, customization, automation (when used properly), and much more.

3. There’s no limit on how to use Twitter with even more ways being created all the time. Some companies use twitter for special offers, customer service, traffic generation, building your brand, research, the list goes on and on. (what ever you do, don’t use Twitter for spamming-that’s surely the fastest way to ruin a reputation and you may even get suspended)

4. With my 20+ years of success and failures in my own businesses on/offline and in corporate America, Twitter is by far the most powerful business tool, when used the right way, that I have ever experienced. I’ve built a HUGE email list of subscribers, generated traffic consistently from over 130 countries and sales are coming in. Most importantly, the connections that have been made are absolutely priceless.

A last note before I close out this post, instead of seeing Twitter as a place to broadcast, see it as place to engage, build relationships and provide value. Then you will discover why Twitter is a BIG Opportunity to Your Success. We share how to capitalize on the Twitter opportunity, with Tweet Formula just click here. Even if you think you understand Twitter, ask yourself, am I getting the most out of it in the least amount of time? If not, we can help you do that.

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