Branding Yourself On Twitter

Branding Yourself with Twitter starts with 3 important items that can make a huge difference for you on Twitter.

During one of my Twitter Coaching Sessions the other day I was asked, how do I brand myself with Twitter?

My question to those that want to brand themselves with Twitter is this, what do other Twitter users see of you more than anything else?

Your Photo, Name and Tweets!

We are all getting tweets from different people all day long and the first thing that you and I look at is the Photo, Name and the Tweet.

I don’t need to say much about the photo other then just have a nice photo.

Your Twitter Username on the other hand can be some what more challenging when trying to pick the right one.

As a rule of thumb but not always I would try to use your name, either your first or first and last name. Try to avoid using numbers and letter that don’t mean or spell anything, for example: @pwlu7670

If your name is not available and you are marketing a product or service online try picking the name of one of your products, just think outside the box and pick something that will be easy for people to remember and connect with.

The other thing people see is your tweets. Are you engaging and sending a variety of different types of tweets to others?

Are you active with your Twitter account? Sending out a couple of tweets a day is not considered being very active?

Do your tweets have value? People don’t want to know what you had for breakfast or what time you went to bed.

I like to send out tweets with a link to a page about Twitter Tips, Tools and Applications.

I also send out quotes in my tweets and ask questions, for example I ask people what is their favorite quote and then I retweet the quote. This is a great way to connect with others and start sharing tweets.

If you are going to send out links in your tweets you should send them out in moderation. Send out other types of tweets in between the tweets with links. Providing value in your tweets in the key to getting people to trust you.

When branding yourself on Twitter think about the message your sending through your Photo, Name and Tweets.

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