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Twitter Training for Beginners and Advanced

1. Are you a home based business owner, into internet marketing, own a traditional business, and/or a blogger?

If so, then stay with us, as we have something very special just for you.

2. Are you tired of spending endless hours and dollars trying to get more traffic, leads and sales only to get little or no results?

We know exactly how you feel, we’ve been there. Until we discovered how to use Twitter the RIGHT WAY to generate traffic, leads, sales and make connections with people faster than ever imagined.

In our first 30 days, we generated traffic to a new website from over 130 countries. Yes Countries, some of those countries we could not even pronounce. The great thing is that we continue to generate more traffic each month which brings in even more leads and sales, by just using Twitter.

We have been serving and giving back to the Twitter community since December of 2008 with training guides, worldwide conference calls, radio stations throughout the US, this blog here at, and much more.

So we created Tweet Formula (Tweet Formula) to teach and train you exactly what we did to generate all that traffic, which has built us a huge list and generated more and more sales month after month. Let’s not forget the priceless connections we made with people who are far smarter than we are.

So whether you are a beginner, advanced or a pro with Twitter, you’re sure to get better and faster results in less time with Tweet Formula.

Hey, there’s a reason why its the #1 training and support system to help you succeed faster online with Twitter. 10 easy steps to follow.

Here’s what we mean…


Step 1: Why now is the Time with Twitter

* Discover the untapped benefits Twitter can provide you.
* Learn the advantages Twitter has over other social sites.
* Success stories of people using Twitter for business.

Step 2: Getting Started Fast

* Setting up your Twitter page for success.
* The #1 Twitter method to locate people.
* Proven Tweeting techniques that save you time.

Step 3: Twitter Lingo Made Easy

* The power of retweets and how to use them effectively.
* The benefits of using #hashtags.
* Maximizing the Twitter list feature.


Step 4: Top Three Twitter Applications

* Tweet with Flexibility and ease.
* Managing multiple accounts.
* Scheduling tweets into the future.

Step 5: Four Great Tools to Find and Follow People Quickly

* The best methods to generate followers locally and globally.
* Powerful keywords to target people in your niche.
* Using the Twitter Advanced Search effectively.
* Following Techniques that deliver results fast.

Step 6: Connect and Network like a Pro

* The Three Secrets the pro’s use and why you need them.
* Tips for Engaging that will work for anyone.
* Learn how to Connect and Build Relationships faster.
* Ten tips that work to Network with people.

Step 7: Personalize your Tweets with Ease

* Two photo sharing options that help personalize your twitter stream.
* Learn the benefits of sharing videos on Twitter and why.
* The best 4 ways to wow your followers.


Step 8: Best Practices that work and Mistakes to Avoid

* Eighteen simple and powerful techniques that produce results.
* Avoid these mistakes other Twitter users are making.
* Reasons why you may get suspended.

Step 9: Features and Benefits of Automation

* Using automation the right way.
* Nine simple ways to leverage your time .
* Automate Tweets that generates traffic 24/7 without spamming.

Step 10: Position your Business on Twitter for Success

* A marketing strategy that delivers results.
* Generate more customers and profits faster.
* Attract the right people that want to buy from you.

Maybe you are happy with your results and would rather spend the time and energy to figure out what it takes to succeed on Twitter?

If not, we invite you to check out Tweet Formula

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.

-Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

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