What to do if your Twitter Account gets Suspended

Hold Up Suspended on Twitter

For some time now, people have asked us… What do I do if my twitter account gets suspended?

As of late Twitter seems to be suspending more accounts without warning. Actually, I don’t know if there’s ever been a warning sent prior to a suspension. Nevertheless, if you or someone you know gets suspended, here are some tips to follow to prevent a cardiac arrest. (Take it from an EX-suspended Twitter user. Yes it happened to me several months ago)

1. Begin by taking a patience Pill. (It’s likely not the end of the world as we know it)
Then Read the Twitter Rules to see if maybe you made a mistake that you were unaware of.

2. Now that the patience pill is working it’s magic. You can submit a ticket to Twitter here or follow the link through your suspended account. Be calm and polite when writing Twitter. In other words, whatever you do, don’t go postal and go off the deep end.

3. After submitting a ticket with your plea… you’ll need to patiently wait at least 24-48 hours to receive a reply back via email from Twitter. In the meantime, you may create a new account (if you don’t all ready have one) Then tweet and notify some friends/followers that your account got suspended. Most importantly, be good.

4. If Twitter sends you an email be sure to reply back to them (remember what ever you do, don’t go postal. Better yet, be on your best behavior)

5. If you have a 2nd twitter account established, you can also tweet one of the Twitter Spam patrols. This has been reported to help expedite the process at times. Simply tweet one of them your suspended account and ask if they know why your account was suspended. @ginger or @delbius

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20 Responses to “What to do if your Twitter Account gets Suspended”

  • avatar Nile says:

    This happened to me last year. I was about to get furious but thankfully I was patient in time. It ended up being a strange glitch at the time… even Jason Pollock and others had similar issues around June and July 2009.

  • avatar Julie says:

    Thanks much for the article Al! I’m now following you on my business account: @mktgsquirrel.

    My account was suspended last week not 15 hours after I opened it. I made 5 tweets – three of which were retweets about cool or funny things. I’d only added just about 30 friends through my Yahoo Mail account, and added about 10 cool tweeters (@dooce, @shitmydadsays, John Cleese, etc.)

    It’s been five days and no reply. My first few emails were nice, offering possible reasons (none on my end) for the suspension. I admit I was probably a bit short in the last email.

    I just tweeted @ginger, with ticket numbers and an apology for the short-sounding last email. I will let you know what happens. *crossed fingers*

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Thank you for following me Julie.

    I’ll make sure to follow you back on that account.

    Glad you found value in the post and I’m confident everything will work out for you.

    If there’s anything I can do to help you further, just send me a tweet.

    Have a Great Day~


  • avatar Julie says:


    I can’t thank you enough for this article. After five days with no explanation and several emails with no reponse, I Googled “Twitter account suspension” and found your article.

    I took your suggestions and within an hour my account @kernut had been restored (along with my faith in Twitter :).

    I’ve posted your article on my Facebook account and Marketing Squirrel fan page, too.

    Bless you, Kind Sir, and @ginger for her prompt attention to the matter.

    I hope you have a great day, too!

    @kernut and @mktgsquirrel

  • I have a question for you…..what does it mean when although my account is not suspended, you can’t find me in a “twitter search”. For instance, I’ve used vvanbooven as my twitter ID for several years. However, if you do a twitter search for vvanbooven nothing comes up that I directly posted, only other peoples’ references to @vvanbooven. I think this username has been blacklisted, but not suspended? Is that possible? I’m not really sure, and I only tweet when I make a blog post, so it’s not as if I tweet hundreds of times a day or even a week….

    I do have other twitter accounts, (2 others) so I’m not that worried, but it just seems odd.
    Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Valerie,

    The search is working properly, when ever I do a Twitter search for some one it only pulls up the tweets with that name. When you use the @username then the search will pull up tweets sent to that person. When you do a search without the @username and just the name then the search with search for tweets with just the name. I have done it both ways and received different results. I just did a search for @vvanbooven and received 2 search results with tweets sent to you.

    I hope this helps and thanks for the great question ,

  • avatar RICKY REID says:


  • avatar Reddee Nord says:

    hey there…my twitter account got suspended this morning..i have no clue what really went wrong..but i m sure of not breaking any twitter rules so far…i have emailed thme got a ticket which is still in progress..will i get my twitter back?? i mean seriously what can i do? i dont wish to create another new account and add my friends again :( its very frustrating!!

  • avatar Anthony says:

    Hey. I wonder if you can help me..

    I had my twitter suspended without an email telling me why and I actually have no idea what I did for it to be suspended. I tried going on it Sunday and in the meantime I’ve sent off a ticket appealing my suspension.. Still having no reply 3 days on.

    What shall I do?

    Thanks for the advice.


  • avatar paige bieber says:

    My twitter got suspended when will i get it back, and will i still have all my followers? HELP!

  • avatar Ademola says:

    Sir, ive done all that u advised and my account is still suspended

  • avatar Akinola olamidayo says:

    My twitter account have been suspended how can i open it back…..

  • avatar chisom says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve gotten my account back…It takes patience and virtue…I love u twitter …I’ll be careful from now :* <3

  • avatar Help me says:

    When i want to sign in my
    account, i saw this notice “Typing
    on your phone stinks, we know!
    Double-check your username and
    password and try again.” I done
    re-check my username and
    password. Its correct. And when i
    ask my friend to view my twitter
    account, its appear this notice
    “Hold up! Sorry, the profile you
    are trying to view has been
    suspended.” I really don’t
    understand what had happen to
    my twitter account. Help me please.

  • avatar syathokoza says:

    Hi I got an suspend on my account on Saturday 15 December 2012I don’t know what happen. But what I know is I was busy unfollowing people who don’t follow me back. So now when I get back my twitter acount? And I m still have a followers?

  • avatar Daviid says:

    I got my account unsuspended, but i still can’t log back on

  • avatar kyna says:

    My twitter account has been suspended but, twitter never reply my ticket, can i submit ticket more than 1 time?

  • avatar Alyssa says:

    My names Alyssa, im 14 & my twitter account got suspended. I don’t understand how it happened because i only followed a little over 100 people & some famous celebs. I only talk to my friends & tweet celebs once in a while.
    i don’t understand why my account was suspended. Please help me

  • avatar hussain ali says:

    my account is been suspended from yesterday and i send request in suspended account but still no reply in my email or twitter has came untill now.

  • avatar munir modibo says:

    Hi twitter,my twitter account has been suspended and I didn’t know what to do next please help me I know you can help… Thanks as you help.

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