Gold Rush for Twitter Usernames

UPDATE: TwitterCounter (twittercounter) has added a feature that lets you enter the twitter username you’re after and an email address, then be notified the moment it becomes available. How cool is that?
You’ll find the button underneath the graph and statistics section of the username’s TwitterCounter profile (Example: with a link that says “claim this username”.

Soon you may be able to get that twitter username you have wanted.

gold rush

Word on the streets is that Twitter plans to release all inactive usernames and deleted usernames in the future but doesn’t have a date set yet.

Right now, policy says that no updates for six months qualifies an account as inactive — but thus far those idle usernames have stayed dormant and unavailable.

If you’ve got your eyes on an inactive username, get ready to take advantage of this opportunity when Twitter flips the switch. There’s likely to be a gold rush for the really hot ones.

Check back often, we’ll update as soon as we hear more or when the names are up for grabs.

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