Great Business tips to use with Twitter

Great Business tips to use with Twitter

Twitter Business Tip

In recent months, we have had conversations with people on and off of twitter who own their own business. Many of those people reported they do not understand the value of twitter and especially how it can help their business.

We explained that we see the core values of Twitter Success to be… engaging, building relationships and providing value. While it may seem simple, if done effectively, it can propel your business to much higher levels of success. Whether you are new to the world of business or a seasoned professional in business.

Keeping those core values in mind, we are providing you with 20 great business tips to use Twitter.

1. First, do not talk business all the time. Like anything, variety is the spice of life.

2. Engage with people on a personal level and talk about all kinds of things that others may be interested in.

3. What-ever your business is, tweet people’s attention to things, places, people, etc. Then provide value and establish why your business may be of benefit or interest to them.

4. Feel free to be creative and think outside of the box. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

5. When you tweet about your own products or services do so from the perspective of offering advice or value, rather than hard selling. (Nobody likes SPAM)

6. Establish a habit of tweeting as often as you see fit. Please don’t go overboard and always be focused, but there should be a daily activity to establish consistency.

7. Use This will help you to find lots of interesting people who are in your line of business. BONUS: This search is provided in real time, as it’s happening now.

8. Take a look at some of the Twitter third party tools that are listed here Twitter Watchdog. Some of these tools will help you to be far more productive as you interact.

9. Spend the first few weeks building your Twitter following with people who you know or feel would be interested in your business. Twitter Karma, Buzzom and Tweet Adder are great applications for this.

10. Understand that Twitter is probably the fastest-growing social media phenomenon of all time for business and really can take advantage of this opportunity right now.

11. Make sure that you understand the Twitter lingo, what RT means, what the @ means and so on.
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12. Understand that while many still do not fully understand Twitter, other businesses have been very successful by using Twitter in ingenious ways that creates a viral effect locally, nationally and globally.

13. Survey or Ask some quick easy questions and get a lot of opinions from targeted people, rather easily.

14. Realize that there are a good number of like-minded people and businesses on Twitter and its becoming a goldmine for networking, ideas and resources in a variety of ways.

15. Twitter can be very educational and if you open your mind up you will be surprised what business “nuggets” you will receive.

16. How important will Twitter be for your business in the future? Get plugged in and stay plugged in.

17. If you want to convert your Twitter followers into potential clients you will need to engage in a process of soft marketing, by providing valuable insights and information and establishing yourself as someone to trust. Only then can you tempt followers into your sales funnel.

18. Be understanding of those who think that Twitter is just “ridiculous.” You may come across some criticism while engaging your business and you might have to carry out some internal public relations within your organization to assure people you’re not wasting your time.

19. As you progress on twitter, spice up your twitter background with a tailor-made Twitter background design.

20. Last but not least, always be positive, be yourself and have fun.

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2 Responses to “Great Business tips to use with Twitter”

  • avatar Cam says:

    I always suggest listening first. A following is less important than the people you choose to follow and learn from when first getting started. So #15 belongs closer to the top and way before spending weeks building a following.

    Also, I disagree with “always be positive.” Sometimes you’re angry. Sometimes you’re happy. Sometimes you’re concerned. REAL people aren’t always rainbows and sunshine. Be human.

  • avatar Al Ferretti says:

    Hi Cam~

    You’re so correct about listening and being human.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Do you use Twitter for your business?


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