Twitter Applications, Tools, Goodies and More

Twitter lets you find out what your friends are doing in whatever way makes the most sense for you. Check out these applications for other ways to send and receive Twitter Updates.

Twitter Goodies and More

Many people don’t know or like myself forget about the options at the bottom of their Twitter home page in the footer. Here is a list of applications at the bottom of your Twitter home page under the Goodies tab or click here.

Twitter Goodies, Applications and more

Widgets- Widgets by Twitter

Twhirl- by Seesmic

Twitteriffic- by IconFactory

Google Desktop- Twitter Gadget by Google

Twitterrific- by IconFactory

PocketTweets- by PocketTweets

TweetDeck- by Iain Dodsworth

Widsets- Twitter Widget by WidSets

Opera- Opera Widget by Opera

Spaz- by Ed Finkler

Blogo- by Brainjuice

Digsby- by dotSyntax

iPhone & iPod touch- by IconFactory

iPhone & iPod touch- by PocketTweets

You will also find a list of widgets and icons to place your updates anywhere or create a live stream for an event. Compatible with Facebook, MySpace, Blogger etc.

Have a Twitter Application or Goodie to share or a unique way you utilize them? Have a success story about your favorite Twitter Application? Be sure to share it with everyone in the comment section.

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