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Sharing on Facebook vs. Sharing on Twitter
Twitter users click more. According to ShareThis, while only 5% of the content-sharing activity happens on Twitter (compared to 33% on Facebook), Twitter users are more likely to click on shared links than Facebook users. Read entire article

Galewher.com Facebook, Twitter Virus: Koobface Strikes Again
ALERT: Don’t download anything via Galewher(dot)com! They are hijacking Twitter accounts.
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Twitter’s Biz Stone Looks Back at 2009 and Forward to 2010: We’re Now an Information Network, People! Stone called the current period “the end of the beginning” and noted that 2010 will be all about “building a business.” Read entire article

The best and worst thing Twitter did in 2009: RT
Robert Scoble shares his humble opinion with the good and bad on Twitter Retweet feature…

I commented at the time of its release that Twitter should NOT have called this “retweeting.” Instead they should have called it “sharing” or “favoriting” or “liking.”
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