Twit Cleaner to the Rescue

Most people know that Twitter is about QUALITY, not just QUANTITY.

With that being said, and if you are sick of spammers, people that never reply, maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and can no longer keep up with the tweets on your twitter stream; then Twit Cleaner may be for you..

Some Twit Cleaner Features and Benefits

1. Finds time wasters, spammers, the boring, bots etc

2. Creates a detailed report of everyone you’re following

3. Clears up the ‘background noise’ of Twitter

4. Increases the integrity & authenticity of your brand or personal image

5. Enables you to focus your time & energy on those most beneficial to you (whether you’re on Twitter for friendship, business, or both

The Creator Si Dawson of Twit Cleaner reports….

I wrote The Twit Cleaner because I got sick of all the garbage on Twitter. Not just the spammers, but people who posted nothing but links all day every day, people who never replied when I messaged them, and so on.

When I was following 80 or so people I had one guy who posted so much he was 80% of my front page. I couldn’t see what anyone else was saying.

Then I tried some auto-follow scripts – keyword searching, that kind of thing. They found some great people, but the amount of noise sky rocketed. Finding & removing spammers & other annoyances one at a time just wasn’t practical.

For me (@SiDawson), I’m on Twitter to meet awesome people, but I was screwed – I couldn’t see who they were because there was so much junk!

And thus The Twit Cleaner was born.

The thing I’ve realised though is – if you’re here for business, the same conditions apply.

In the same way that Google proved the cost effectiveness of super targeted advertising, a Twitter list that is 30-50% smaller but full of actual clients & people that are genuinely interested in what you do is worth significantly more than a larger essentially random list.

Give Twit Cleaner a try and see what you think.

Your opinion matters, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below

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