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TweetMiner is the brain child of Justin Vincent, @justinvincent on Twitter, who started coding TweetMiner to solve a personal problem he had with other clients. No twitter client offered RSS feed integration or user experience like TweetMiner. He saw the way other Twitter clients handled scheduling and thought it was too tedious and said “there has to be a better way!” Justin is coding this all by himself, while other twitter tools have had millions in venture capital, not here! Justin codes TweetMiner in his spare time.

I was one of the first 200 people to try TweetMiner and fell head over heels in love immediately. I contacted Justin and asked what I could do to help. I’m now assisting him on spreading the TweetMiner buzz and helping add new features.



Signing up was a 10 minute process. After receiving my email confirmation, I associated my twitter account using OAuth withTweetMiner. One of the core strengths of TweetMiner is it’s user interface. Justin has worked hard on making the user flow correct. From the screen shot above you can see how your eye starts in the top left and flows to the right.

You click on the twitter button button and then you see your twitter account. Click on your account and then you can see your twitter streams. Clicking the “+” in twitter streams allows you to add a twitter users to follow, twitter search term or the new twitter lists to follow. You can also tell TweetMiner how often you want that stream to refresh. A notification in the form of a pop up window and update count in parenthesis next to the stream will show you when new tweets have arrived. The auto refresh button does that for you for every column automatically once every minute.

Mouse over the avatar of an incoming tweet and you are given a host of options.

These options include:  Reply, Reply All, View Profile, Direct Message, Instant Retweet, Edit and Schedule or Favorite that tweet. The pencil tool is where the power of TweetMiner lies.  With the pencil tool, you can edit a tweet then either schedule it to send in the future or add it to your rolling schedule.


RSS feed integration and scheduling in TweetMiner is like no other tool. RSS Feeds fit seamlessly into the workflow where you can monitor your own twitter and friends streams, then move over to RSS to content for your followers. You can add RSS feeds from any source, edit, instant retweet schedule or add to your rolling schedule. Rolling schedules is a feature not found in any other Twitter client. Many twitter tools allow you to schedule your tweets, but rolling schedules are different. You tell TweetMiner what hours of the day you would like to tweet, then add tweets, RSS feeds, news searches Retweets…whatever you like, to your rolling schedule or pile of tweets and TweetMiner will just take the next off the pile and tweet it. PR types and brand manager will love the ability to have all their information funnel into one place and schedule content for their brands in minutes, instead of hours.


Tweetminer is all about usability and flow. The strength of TweetMiner is in speed of the interface and the ability for you to control the content that is sent to your followers. But let’s not forget, TweetMiner isn’t just for power users or brand managers, new twitter users can find ease of use over the main Twitter web page. The speed of the UI will win you over.

TweetMiner comes in both a web client as well as an Adobe AIR version. TweetMiner has a free version that allows you to try up to 5 twitter accounts and paid version that unlocks additional API and allows you to use your own key.

So while other Twitter clients just do the same old thing,  TweetMiner injects many new features that makes it stand out in the crowd. Why not give TweetMiner a try!

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3 Responses to “TweetMiner – Be the Signal, Not the Noise”

  • avatar Matt Visser says:

    It looks like there is a lot of functionality, which we expect from all Twitter app’s, that is delivered really well with TweetMiner . My issue is with the new scheduled tweets functionality. While it may seem convenient, a function like this runs the risk of allowing users to create more noise than ever. The syndication of content and the freedom to move information around is something that anybody who works online understands, the fear I have is that by allowing scheduling of content, you’ll be automating a process which can be abused by just about anybody.

    Scheduled Tweets rely on the same premise as traditional TV adverts. The consumer is there (in front of the TV or now, on Twitter), so let’s put our brand message in front on them and wait for the juicy 1% conversion rate.

    Maybe I’m blind to the other benefits, but I can’t see many more.

  • Thanks for sharing. Great features. I will get it try today.

  • Great twitter client. However do not like the limitations on twitter accts, limited auto msgs per month. Far toosmall. Will stick with hootsuite until the plans are better. Sorry. Otherwise looks like a great tool.

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