New Enhancements for Fans of HootSuite

If you are a regular Twitter user, then HootSuite is the perfect Professional Twitter application for you.  Some of the basic highlights of HootSuite include the following where you can:

  • Create and manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Share your Twittering duties with other trusted users
  • Manage your RSS feed directly from HootSuite
  • Track how many people have clicked on your links that you have tweeted.
  • Pre-schedule your messages or feed to post on your blog or Twitter account
  • Use to post to multiple social networking sites at once.

Now, HootSuite has added some new cool feature and expanded the capabilities as listed above.  So, I just wanted to provide you a brief overview of what I just reviewed on the HootSuite website.  Some of these new features as listed include:

  • Creating and importing Twitter list
  • Linking directly to Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Scheduling Facebook and Linkedin status updates

Create and Importing Twitter List

HootSuite now allows you to you to import your Twitter lists that you have already created.  In addition, you can now create your own lists using HootSuite.  The lists that you create can be saved as a column.

Linking Directly to Facebook and LinkedIn

According to HootSuite, they wanted to push the functionality beyond Twitter where Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are treated similarly to Twitter accounts where you can “create columns from these social networks, read your friends’ status updates, and update multiple Facebook accounts. Facebook integration offers in-line commenting.”

Scheduling Facebook and Linkedin Status Updates

HootSuite has now extended the capability where users can now schedule their status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and  According to HootSuite, “The ability to schedule updates is particularly noteworthy since through it you can update most popular social networks (such as MySpace, LiveJournal, etc.) Scheduling status updates now has near universal applicability.”

These are some neat updates to HootSuite and worth the time to invest to learn the tools.  I hope that you enjoy the new features.

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