How Twitter is Changing the Internet

For news to travel the world used to take day and even weeks now only takes a tweet. Twitter is making the most radical shift in media and networking in recent years. Twitter is quickly becoming the central real-time hub that serves to enhance every content platform on the web.

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How Twitter is Changing the Internet

If you feel like you are getting lost in the shuffle you are not alone. Most people I talk to are trying to use between 6-10 different social sites, I say trying because when you network on multiple social sites at the same time it’s almost impossible to be effective at any of them. It’s no wonder people are lost and confused with how much time they should spend on what site, especially with new social sites popping up everyday.

The question should be, which “one” do I focus on with my time? Twitter is growing fast and many people simply don’t know if they should invest or split their time with another social site. I get asked a few questions over and over again, how can Twitter help me with my business? How does Twitter work? How is Twitter different from other social sites? When used properly you can get more done with greater results in less time from just one central hub social site, “Twitter”. Twitter gives you the ability to locate people looking for what you have to offer.

Let me list a few of the benefits Twitter can offer you or your business:

1. Brand Yourself: Branding yourself and your business using traditional means of advertising would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, with Twitter this is possible with no out of pocket expense and can happen very quickly.

2. Building Relationships: You can build relationships that provides you long term customers. More and more people are shopping online everyday and the sooner you learn how to build relationships online using social sites the sooner you can tap into this growing market.

3. Customer Service: In the offline world this is a problem that is only getting worse. In the online world of Internet marketing this has been reserved for those that could afford the high tech sites. With many 3rd party tools that integrate with Twitter, online customer service is quickly becoming a reality for everyone.

4. Engage: There has never been a time in the history of the Internet where you can invest your time engaging with people that want what you have. Better yet locate your competitors clients.

5. Provide Value: Providing value to both your prospects and customers is a must if you want to hear from them again. People hate to be sold but love to buy. Just one of many, is a 3rd party tool that allows you to provide valuable content to your prospects, customers and followers. Now you can be the information provider without even doing the research.

6. Networking: I have spent thousands of dollars and driven thousands of miles trying to locate people to network with in my business. The thought of going global was out of the question. Now with Twitter there are no limitations, you can network with people locally, nationally and globally if you choose to do so.

7. Research: With Twitter you can research information you need in real time. More and more people I tweet with are sending out questions in the form of a tweet versus going to google. This allows you to interact with people and meet new friends at the same time.

8. Traffic: Traffic Generation to your blog or website worldwide. Most people continue to build their business on a local level but the playing field has leveled. I know people who have generated traffic to their website from over a hundred plus countries within 30 days only using Twitter. Tell me where else can you do that?

Where we go from here no one knows, but so far it is pretty clear that Twitter is changing the Internet and making the world of marketing much less centralized, and much more people-driven.

What benefits have you seen from Twitter?
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10 Responses to “How Twitter is Changing the Internet”

  • Great article Skeeter. It looks like I am wasting quite a bit of time on too many social networks. I’ve narrowed it down right now to between three and four. I’m going to have to refocus on twitter again.

    Thanks, Freddie

  • avatar Steve SEO UK says:

    Hi Skeeter. I must admit that I was spreading my self too thinly over many different networks. I now basically concentrate on Twitter and my Blog. With over 4,000 followers I’m seeing an average of 20 daily visits to my Blog. It could be better if I put a bit more time and effort into both of them. I do, like yourself recommend Twitterfeed. It tweets good valuable information for my followers on a daily basis. It’s one of the few autopilot apps that I use. I’m also creating Lists so that I can focus on certain people and become more interactive on a regular basis with them. Building relationships definitely helps.

    Anyway, thanks once again for a great article.

  • Great post. I read your emails regularly. Twitter is best for business provided you do it right. So far What I have figured out a semi-automatic way on twitter. 10-20 minutes a day on twitter is more than enough unless you are twitter-addict.

    I use Twitter for business tool ( ) and get keyword based leads for my business on automation.

    and time-taking tasks I outsource to

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.


  • Twitter is fun and interesting, it does help with networking sharing knowledge etc but there is a lot of SPAM already. Do not just SPAM i.e. send out info with no right to reply/comment

    Be smarter and more engaging or you will just attract the same people which will not lead to anything rewarding.

    Twitter does have low/no cost to set up bar time.

    The key for me is the real time search functionality

    HUGE Big tip regularly search your Name (Twitter & real) plus brand to see what people are saying about you/company

    I work in property in an area I love, so searching the location and trying to be helpful to people is good and i find it fun.

    Twitter is great but is in it’s infancy, it will develop and become more main stream.

    Even though It will get bigger, who would put all their eggs in one basket and ignore all others? They do different things for a start, so depends on your objectives.

    Also there will always be something newer and cooler to follow, it is the nature of progress. Twitter is very much now, but what is the next “big thing”?

    Am currently watching a young company develop into an amazing site that has big ideas. is a great site for lots of info especially about twitter/facebook et al

    There’s my 2 pence worth but go ahead play with Twitter you may even like it.

    Got to go want to RT this ; )

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Freddie, I love your site, especially the thought for the day. Thanks for the comment on the article. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

    Thanks again,

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Steve,
    Sounds like you are on the path to success my friend. Just like life, all these social sites and different apps. are a learning experience. I like to say, strive for perfection and settle for excellence. Keep up the great work.

    I went to your site and all I have to say is, that’s a flippin big FISH you’re holding. Wish I could have been with you.

    Thanks for the comment,

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Siddique, I love your concept of your functionrequest website. Looks to me you’re providing a quality service that can help people. Hope to visit with you again soon,

    Thanks for the comment,

  • avatar Skeeter says:

    Hi Dan,
    WOW! That’s a great comment. Are you a writer by chance? Look forward to hearing more comments from you.

    Thanks for the comment,

  • avatar Robbwindow says:

    Thanks Al thanks Skeeter great roll call I take a look again at this RSS feed. British Twitter News.

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